Program related courses

Course Code Course Title Fall Spring Summer
ACC2102 Financial Accounting I x x x
ACC2201 Management Accounting I x x x
FIN3121 Principles of Finance x x x
MGT3001 Principles of Management x x x
MKT3130 Principles of Marketing x x x
MATH1202 Calculus I x x  
MATH1204 Calculus III      
PHYS1201 Physics   x  
CIT2208 Business IT Strategy and Structure x x  
CIT2735 Introduction to Programming      
GEN/OPM2402 Business Statistical Analysis x x x
IFS2203 Management Information Systems x x x
IFS2204 Algorithms, Data Structures and Programming x x  
BUS3331 Business Economics      
OPM3011 Decision Techniques and Tools x x x
OPM3131 Introduction to Operations Management x x x
ENG/GEN1100 Academic English Speaking x x x
ENG/GEN1121 Academic Reading and Writing II x x  
LAW2202 Business Law x x x
KAZ2101 Professional Kazakh Language 1 x x  
KAZ2102 Professional Kazakh Language 2 x x  
KAZ2103 Professional Kazakh Language 3 x x x
KAZ2104 Professional Kazakh Language 4 x    
RUS2101 Professional Russian Language1 x x  
RUS2102 Professional Russian Language 2      
RUS2103 Professional Russian Language 3 x x  
RUS2104 Professional Russian Language 4      
BUS3300 Research Methods in Business Studies x x x
IFS/CIT1303 Information Systems and Networking   x  
CIT2731 Digital Graphics in Business x x x
IFS/CIT2302 Database Management Systems x x x
CIT3734 Web Technologies in Business x x x
IFS3745 Information Security Management x x  
IFS4204 Decision Support Systems x x  
IFS4206 Enterprise Information Systems   x  


Program related Elective courses

Course Code Course Title Fall Spring Summer
CIT3801 Software Engineering Concepts      
CIT3803 Python Programming   x  
CIT3804 Engineering Computation and Data Science      
CIT3805 Big Data Analytics      
CIT3806 Cryptographic Data Security      
CIT3807 C, Java programming   x  
IFS3212 Business Intelligence Applications      
OPM3204 Project Management      
CIT4242 Advanced Programming   x  
IFS4203 Big Data Management and Analysis      
IFS4301 Introduction to Data Science   x  
IFS4304 ERP systems      
IFS4305 Data Visualization