Program related courses

Course Code Course Title Fall Spring Summer
IRL2510.3 Professional Foreign Language: Strategic Communications in International Affairs      
IRL3520 Foreign Policy of Kazakhstan   x  
IRL3595 Research Design and Methodology x    
IRL4512 Multivector Diplomacy: Central Asia in Global Politics   x  
IRL4590 Undergraduate Seminar in International Relations x    
GEN1704.2/ECN1101.2 Introduction to Economics x x  
GEN/PAD2700.2 Fundamentals of Sociology x x x
GEN2701.2/POL2511.2 Fundamentals of Political Science x x x
GEN2711/IRL2512 Fundamentals of International Relations x x x
IRL3517 International Institutions and Law x    
IRL3521 Theories of International Relations x x x
IRL3544 Diplomatic and Consular Service   x  
IRL4527 Ethics in International Affairs x    
ENG/GEN1100 Academic English Speaking x x x
ENG/GEN1121 Academic Reading and Writing II x x  
KAZ2101 Professional Kazakh Language 1 x x  
KAZ2102 Professional Kazakh Language 2 x x  
KAZ2103 Professional Kazakh Language 3 x x x
KAZ2104 Professional Kazakh Language 4 x    
RUS2101 Professional Russian Language1 x x  
RUS2102 Professional Russian Language 2      
RUS2103 Professional Russian Language 3 x x  
RUS2104 Professional Russian Language 4      


Program related major elective courses

Course Code Course Title Fall Spring Summer
ECN3030 Economics of the European Union   x  
GEN2602.1 Western Civilization 1 (Ancient Greece to Renaissance      
GEN2602.2 Western Civilization 2 (Enlightenment to 21st Century)      
IRL/GEN3548 Post-War Italian Cinema: Neorealism      
IRL3542 Contemporary European History      
IRL3543 Nationalism, Populism  and Ethnic Conflict in Contemporary Europe      
IRL3548 European Social Movements      
IRL4537 Topics in the History/Politics/Culture of Europe      
POL4534 Politics of the European Union   x  
POL4535 Institutions of the European Union      
LAW4503 Law of the European Union   x  
IRL3516 Terrorism and Security x    
IRL3524 Global Security and International Conflict Resolution   x  
IRL3526 Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy of the USA   x  
IRL3527 Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation   x  
IRL3528 Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy of the People’s Republic of China x x  
IRL3546 Selected Topics in International Relations   x x
IRL3546.01 Selected Topics in IR and Political Culture: UN Model Conference   x  
IRL3547 Security Studies   x  
IRL4525 Asian Security: Theory and Practice x x  
IRL4550 Emerging Powers   x  
POL3546 Selected Topics in Regional Studies   x  
IRL4521 Petropolitics x x x
IRL4526 Comparative Foreign Policy x    
IRL4528 Central Asia-Russia Relations x    
IRL4531 Political Economy of Cental Asia x    
IRL4532 Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy of Central Asia and the Caucasus   x  
IRL4540 Geopolitics and Political Economy of Natural Resources   x  
POL/IRL4530 Middle East Politics x x  
POL4537 Society and Culture of Central Asia   x