Program related courses

Course Code Course Title Fall Spring Summer
LAW3311 Public International Law x x  
LAW3312 Private International Law x    
ENG/GEN1100 Academic English Speaking x x x
LAW1101 Theory of State and Law x x  
LAW1301 Legal Research Reading and Writing   x  
LAW2104 Constitutional Law of Kazakhstan x x  
LAW2106 Criminal Law of RK General Part x x  
LAW2107 Criminal Law of RK Special Part   x  
LAW2108 Civil Law of Kazakhstan: General Part x x  
LAW2109 Civil Law of Kazakhstan: Special Part x x  
LAW/ENG1121 Academic Reading and Writing II for LAW students x x  
KAZ2101 Professional Kazakh Language 1 x x  
KAZ2102 Professional Kazakh Language 2 x x  
KAZ2103 Professional Kazakh Language 3 x x x
KAZ2104 Professional Kazakh Language 4 x    
RUS2101 Professional Russian Language1 x x  
RUS2102 Professional Russian Language 2      
RUS2103 Professional Russian Language 3 x x  
RUS2104 Professional Russian Language 4      


Program related Elective courses

Course Code Course Title Fall Spring Summer
GEN2711/IRL2512 Fundamentals of International Relations x x x
IRL3516 Terrorism and Security x    
IRL3520 Foreign Policy of Kazakhstan   x  
IRL3521 Theories of International Relations x x x
IRL3524 Global Security and International Conflict Resolution   x  
IRL3544 Diplomatic and Consular Service   x  
IRL3545 Diplomatic Protocol and Documents x    
IRL4527 Ethics in International Affairs x    
LAW3040 Antimonopoly Law x x  
LAW4502 Law of the WTO   x  
LAW4503 Law of the European Union   x  
LAW4504 International Human Rights Law     x
LAW4505 International Investment Law   x  
LAW4506 International Commercial Law   x  
LAW4507 Law of Energy and Natural Resources   x  
LAW4514 Law of International Treaties x    
LAW4515 International Criminal Law   x  
LAW4517 Comparative Contract Law      
LAW4520 Public International Law (Advanced)      
LAW4521 History of International Law      
LAW4522 Diplomatic and Consular Law      
LAW4523 International Institutional Law/Law of International Organizations      
LAW4524 International Conflict and Security Law x    
LAW4525 IT (Cyberspace) Law x    
LAW4529 International Tax Law x x  
LAW4530 International Commercial Arbitration      
LAW4531 Mootcourting x    
LAW4533 Eurasian Economic Union Law x    
LAW4534 Fundamentals of Legal Consulting x    
LAW4535 Comparative Law      
LAW4536 Introduction to Common Law      
LAW4999.02 Selected Undergraduate Topics in Law: Drafting      
LAW4999.07 Selected Undergraduate Topics in Law: Law of International Organizations      
LAW4999.08 Selected Undergraduate Topics in Law: Anti-Trust   x