Program related courses

Course Code Course Title Fall Spring Summer
JMC1601.3 English for Media Communication I   x  
JMC3211 Editing x    
JMC3605 Political Communication x    
JMC3709 Audio Production x    
JMC4201 Advanced Media Writing   x  
JMC4616 Theories of Media and Communications      
JMC4701 Communication Research   x  
GEN1704.2/ECN1101.2 Introduction to Economics x x  
JMC2605 Mass Media and Society x    
JMC2607 Ethical and Legal Issues in Media and Communication   x  
JMC2612 Internet and Society (New Information Technologies)   x  
JMC2615 Media Writing x    
JMC4614 Media Analysis   x  
GEN/PAD2700.2 Fundamentals of Sociology x x x
GEN2701.2/POL2511.2 Fundamentals of Political Science x x x
ENG/GEN1100 Academic English Speaking x x x
ENG/GEN1121 Academic Reading and Writing II x x  
JMC3615.2 Writing for Russian Language Media   x  
JMC3616.2 Writing for Kazakh Language Media      


Program related major elective courses

Course Code Course Title Fall Spring Summer
JMC2703 Photojournalism   x  
JMC3603 Business News      
JMC4612 Online Journalism 1 (Digital Information Production)   x  
JMC4615 Online Interactive, Multimedia Technologies   x  
JMC4714 Fashion and Lifestyle Journalism x    
JMC4627 Public Relations Campaigns     x
JMC4601 Advertising and Media Sales x    
JMC4703 Crisis Communication   x  
JMC4709 Media Relations x    
JMC4711 Special Event Management and Design x