Program related courses

Course Code Course Title Fall Spring Summer
TFL2201 Materials Development and Resources in ELT      
TFL3101 Introduction to Language Assessment      
TFL3202 Learning Technology in FL classroom      
ENG/GEN1100 Academic English Speaking x x x
ENG/GEN1121 Academic Reading and Writing II x x  
LING1201 Child Language Development (Psychology) x x  
ENG2101 Introduction to Literary Studies   x  
TFL2102 Approaches and Methods of English Language Teaching x    
TFL3201 Introduction to Critical Pedagogy      
CHN2203 Linguistics of Chinese      
RUS2203 Linguistics of Russian      
LING1101 Fundamentals of Linguistics x x  
LING2101 Language and its structure I x    
LING2201 Language and its structure II   x  
LING2202 Latin   x  
LING3301 Foundations of Second Language Acquisition     x
CHN3301 Survey of Foreign Language Literature (Chinese)      
KAZ2101 Professional Kazakh Language 1 x x  
KAZ2102 Professional Kazakh Language 2 x x  
KAZ2103 Professional Kazakh Language 3 x x x
KAZ2104 Professional Kazakh Language 4 x    
RUS2101 Professional Russian Language1 x x  
RUS2102 Professional Russian Language 2      
RUS2103 Professional Russian Language 3 x x  
RUS2104 Professional Russian Language 4      


Program related Elective courses

Course Code Course Title Fall Spring Summer
TFL3203 CLIL: Planning Tools      
TFL3204 Teaching English to Young Learners      
TFL3206 Educational Administration      
TFL3207 Introduction to Special Education      
TFL4101 Special Topics in ELT      
CHN1301 Beginning Chinese 1 x    
CHN1302 Elementary Chinese 1   x  
CHN1303 Pre-Intermediate Chinese      
CHN1304 Intermediate Chinese      
CHN1305 Upper Intermediate Chinese      
CHN1306 Advanced Chinese      
GER1301 Beginning German x    
GER1302 Elementary German 1   x  
GER1303 Pre-Intermediate German      
GER1303 Pre-Intermediate German      
GER1304 Intermediate German      
GER1305 Upper Intermediate German      
GER1306 Advanced German      
KOR1301 Beginner Korean x    
KOR1302 Elementary Korean 1   x  
KOR1303 Pre-Intermediate Korean      
KOR1304 Intermediate Korean      
KOR1305 Upper Intermediate Korean      
KOR1306 Advanced Korean      
RUS1301 Beginning Russian x x  
RUS1302 Elementary Russian x x  
RUS1304 Pre-Intermediate Russian x x  
RUS1306 Intermediate Russian x    
RUS1308 Upper Intermediate Russian x x  
RUS2001 Advanced Russian x x  
CHN3302 Chinese for Business Settings      
CHN3304 Chinese through Films      
CHN3305 Chinese Language: Language of Mass Media and Newspaper      
CHN3306 Selected Topics in Chinese Linguistics      
CHN3307 Selected Topics in Chinese Literature      
GER3302 German for Business Settings      
GER3304 German through Films      
GER3305 German Language: Language of Mass Media and Newspaper      
GER3306 Selected Topics in German Literature      
GER3307 Selected Topics in German Linguistics      
KOR3302 Korean for Business Settings      
KOR3304 Korean through Films      
KOR3305 Korean Language: Language of Mass Media and Newspaper      
KOR3306 Selected Topics in Korean Literature      
KOR3307 Selected Topics in Korean Linguistics      
RUS3302 Business Communication in Russian      
RUS3304 Russian through Films      
RUS3305 Russian Language: Language of Mass Media and Newspaper      
RUS3306 Selected Topics in Russian Linguistics      
RUS3307 Selected Topics in Russian Literature      
CHN2201 Conversational Chinese 1      
CHN2202 Conversational Chinese 2      
GER2201 Conversational German 1      
GER2201 Conversational German 2      
GER2201 Conversational German 2      
KOR2201 Conversational Korean 1      
KOR2202 Conversational Korean 2      
RUS2201 Conversational Russian      
RUS2202 Conversational Russian 2      
CHN3303 Chinese Calligraphy      
GER3303 Applied German Phonetics      
KOR3303 Applied Korean Phonetics      
RUS3303 Applied Russian Phonetics      
GEN/ASC/LING3302.3 The History of Language and Writing      
LING3201 Introduction to the History of English      
LING3303 Introduction to Discourse Analysis      
LING3304 Language Contact      
LING4101 Bilingualism and Bilingual Education      
LING4102 Special Topics in Linguistics      
GEN/ASC1102 Mythology and Folklore      
ENG2201 Introduction to British Literature      
ENG2202 Introduction to American Literature      
ENG2204 Introduction to Classical Literature      
ENG2206 Introduction to Poetry and Great Poets      
ENG3301 Masterpieces of World Literature x    
ENG3302 Introduction to Contemporary Literature      
ENG4101 Topics in Literature