Preparation for UNT and KIMEP Placement Tests

KIMEP English Placement Test (KEPT)

Levels: Elementary – Advanced
Application Process: applicants will be placed in an appropriate level course based on the results of a placement exam.
Level duration: 6 weeks
Number of classes a week: 2 times, 3 academic hours each.
Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays
Time-slot: 4:00pm – 6:15pm
Days and class time can be changed; both group and individual study is offered.

Per level 30 000 KZT
The number of students in a class: 10-16 people.
Students’ age: 16 years and up

  • Preparation for KEPT (KIMEP English Placement Test) – this 5 level course for both Bachelors and Masters is designed to help students improve grammar, enrich vocabulary, and develop reading skills.
  • Preparation for KGET (GMAT quantitative section) – the KGET measures mathematical and critical thinking skills using GMAT style test questions and is offered in group and individual formats.

Preparation for the Unified National Testing

The program offers Preparation for the Unified National Testing (UNT) for the following subjects:

  • History of Kazakhstan
  • Mathematics
  • Kazakh,
  • Russian
  • Geography
  • English
  • Principles of Law

Tuition Fee for one level of the UNT Course – 25 000 KZT
Course duration: 30 Hours
Class time: 6:50pm – 9:05pm

Class frequency: 2 times a week
Materials: Sample tests are provided to practice test taking techniques and time management skills while being exposed to key information relevant to different subjects on the actual test.

Preparation for KEPT Course (KIMEP English Placement Test) 30 000 KZT
(36 academic hours)
UNT/KTA Courses 25 000  KZT
(30 academic hours)
TOEFL/IELTS Courses (advanced level) 55 000  KZT
(48 academic hours)
KGET/GMAT/GRE Courses (quantitative section) 45 000  KZT
(40 academic hours)
GMAT/GRE Courses (verbal section) 50 100  KZT
(20  academic hours)
SAT Course (quantitative section) 50 100  KZT
(20  academic hours)
SAT Course (verbal section) 50 100  KZT
(20  academic hours)