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Academic Learning Studio


The Academic Learning Studio was established by the College of Humanities and Education in order to help KIMEP students to achieve better results in courses and programs offered at KIMEP University. The Studio is a place where students can find many materials to help them with their language learning and other studies as well as have some practice in communication with English, Kazakh and German language tutors and native speakers. It is open to all students, from those enrolled in Foundation English to Master’s and Doctoral level courses.  It works closely with other programs to assist in assignments across the KIMEP curriculum. Support services are offered in English, Kazakh, Russian, German and Chinese languages. Details are available from the Academic Learning Studio (Room 230, Dostyk Building).


Club meetings are open to KIMEP students and employees, as well as members of the general public.  For details of meeting schedules, contact the coordinator.

English Club
English Club promotes English as a language of communication and provides the KIMEP community and general public with opportunities to enhance and share English-related interests through various events and programs. English Club holds its meetings on a regular basis and introduces various topics so that participants can increase their confidence in using English, make lasting new friendships with English-speaking and local club participants, learn about international cultures, and participate in educational, cultural, and social activities. Students are welcome to join the club at any time and enjoy the activities, meet new people, and practice their English. Princeton in Asia Fellows are successfully conducting English Club. About 20-30 participants of different ages from 13 to 70 visit KIMEP English Club every Monday evening. Can you imagine what interesting and exciting discussions there happen to be between different generations and people of different cultures and lifestyles? KIMEP’s English Club is a wonderful place of English-speaking, cheerful and relaxed atmosphere, where everyone can come and spend time with use and fun for free.

Coordinator: Ms. Kamiya Abdulkhakimova, kamiya@kimep.kz

Kazakh Club
Kazakh Club offers various kinds of activities to assist learners of Kazakh in enlarging their vocabulary and practicing their communication skills. The club provides a wide range of information about Kazakh culture, customs and traditions and enables its members to become acquainted with Kazakh literature. The club’s regular meetings involve not only class activities, but also trips to different places of interest both in the city and in the countryside. Anyone can join Kazakh Club and enjoy the famous Kazakh hospitality and at the same time enhance his/her understanding of the Kazakh language.

Coordinator: Ms. Ulbossyn Parmanova, ulbossyn.parmanova@kimep.kz