BCB Game Design Competition, 19 February 2021

On February 19, 2021, the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation conducted the BCB Game Design Competition Finale Event in ZOOM. 

The Competition was sponsored by the Shinhan Bank Scholarship Fund and was very popular among the students – 33 teams consisting of 73 BCB students participated in the Competiton. In one month teams had to design and produce entrepreneurial games that develop the creative and innovative skills of the participants.

1st place award: Team TRIO 

  • Seker Aidana  (Accounting)
  • Kenenbayeva Aruzhan (Management)
  • Tutubayev Zhangir (Finance)

The team Trio has developed a game about coming up with three creative and helpful solutions to the three given problems with three given tools. The game develops players’ creativity and ability to think quickly and “outside of the box” with the limited resources in hand.

2nd place award: Team MindUP

  • Joltayeva Yuliya (Marketing)
  • Zarya Maxim (Management)

The team MindUP has developed a game about thinking differently and creating innovative products. Players have to think creatively in order to combine different characteristics of shape, color, category, and material of the potential new product.

3rd place award: Team Creative Ambassadors

  • Yeskenova Dariga (Marketing)
  • Suleimenova Adiya (Marketing)

The team Creative Ambassadors has developed a game about inventing unique innovations from different absurd details, for the given sphere or goal. The game helps players to boost creativity by broadening the horizons of imagination and adapting to “crazy” conditions.

Congratulations to the winners!