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ORACLE Academy

Oracle opens its Academy at KIMEP University!

Oracle Academy is the Oracle Company project designed to present all necessary resources to teach information technologies to school children, college and university students. To support learning informational technologies at all levels the Company provides access to a lot of recourses which may be used in class and for non-commercial academic research, including technologies, educational courses and training software, seminars for students, training instructors and materials for exam preparation to gain Oracle Industrial Certificates.

Participation in Oracle Academy is free of charge. Participants will have access to the following:

  • Alice, Greenfoot, Programming the Finch Robot, Solve it with SQL seminars (available in Russian);
  • Java programming language courses: Java Fundamentals, Java Foundations (available in Russian), Java Programming, Artificial Intelligence with MachineLearning in Java;
  • Database courses: Database Foundations (available in Russian),Database Design and Programming with SQL, Database Programming with PL/SQL,APEX – Application Development Foundations;
  • Software, including Oracle Database, Oracle E-Business Suite, Primavera, Oracle Siebel. Full list is available here: https://academy.oracle.com/en/solutions-software-full-list.html#oracletech
  • Oracle Academy Education Bytes: step by step courses for independent work or work under supervision of instructor;
  • Trainings for instructors in webinar format.

For more detailed information see academy.oracle.com

Grand opening of Oracle Academy with participation of management of Oracle Kazakhstan, KIMEP University and instructors will be held on February 27, 2020 at 10 am in #1 Hall of Valikhanov building.

Students are invited to technological session that will take place in class # 510 in Valikhanov building between 12:45 and 2:15 pm