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Division of Research, International and Strategic Affairs

Division of Research, International and Strategic Affairs is responsible for the overall strategic planning and advancement of the university and is lead by Dr. Timothy Barnett, PhD, Provost and General Deputy to the President.

The division comprises of the following departments:

  • Recruitment and Admissions Department
  • Marketing, Communications and Public Relations Department
  • Corporate Development Department
  • International Relations Office
  • Office of Quality Assurance and Institutional Research
  • Department of Development and Legal Office

Recruitment and Admissions Department

The Student Recruitment and Admissions Department (R&A) reports to the Vice President for Strategic Planning, Development and Research. It serves as a central information point for all internal and external inquiries on applications and admissions to academic programs.
Admission Officers, Coordinators work together with students (on part-time employment basis) on recruitment, applications and admission procedures that are in line with the strategic and operational plans; as well as the set goals and targets set at institutional, program and admission office levels.
Staff members are highly committed to integrity, transparency, ethics, respectful and customer-focused functions and processes in all appearances and operations; as well as have absolutely no tolerance for any form of favoritism, corruption or nepotism.

Office of Quality Assurance and Institutional Research

Office of Quality Assurance and Institutional Research aims to ensure regular quality monitoring of academic activity and educational milieu, effective feedback from faculty, students, staff, alumni, employers and other stakeholders for revealing aspects that require further enhancement.

QAIR’s primary areas:

  • conducting regular surveys among students, faculty, staff, alumni and their employers;
  • providing KIMEP University’s top management with analytical data on academic activity and educational milieu;
  • providing external organizations: state authorities, partner HEIs, agencies for ranking of HEIs, national and international accreditation agencies etc. with information on activity of KIMEP University;
  • developing cooperation with local and international partners for the purpose of experience exchange and general strategies determination for development of academic quality.

Office of Quality Assurance and Institutional Research

KIMEP University
2 Abay avenue, 050010
Almaty, Kazakhstan
Offices 407, 404a/Dostyk building
Tel.: 270-44-86
E-mail: assistrc@kimep.kz

Marketing, Communications and Public Relations Department

The Department of Marketing, Communications and Public Relations (MCPR) coordinates all activities related to communicating with KIMEP stakeholders, the media, and the greater public. MCPR seeks to develop sustainable relationships with both on-campus and off-campus constituents by relaying information through multiple communication channels and by building active partnerships.
MCPR is in charge of developing and implementing the KIMEP brand identity and assists other departments with their marketing and media needs. All advertisement design and placement is managed within the department, as well as the development of the array of brochures, flyers and booklets used at KIMEP.
MCPR is KIMEP’s in-house publicity office as well. MCPR manages the content and design of the KIMEP website, produces all KIMEP news articles and manages the distribution of public relations materials through the KIMEP digital newsletter and printed flyers.
For more information, including publicity inquiries, please contact us.

Department of Marketing, Communication and Public Relations
KIMEP University
2 Abay avenue, Dostyk building, office 409
050010 Almaty, Kazakhstan
Tel: +7 727 270-42-16 ext: 2131
Email: asstmrkt@kimep.kz

Corporate Development Department

The Corporate Development Department was established at KIMEP in 1998 in order to create and maintain beneficial, long-term partnerships with the business community of Kazakhstan and abroad. The primary mission of the department is to foster an image of KIMEP as a leading academic institution. CDD makes a contribution to KIMEP’s sustainable development by encouraging donations and by building mutually beneficial partnerships between KIMEP and non-governmental organizations, government agencies and the corporate community in Kazakhstan, in Central Asian and throughout the world.

The department works on realistic, win-win projects that provide clear benefits to KIMEP and its partners, with the goal of promoting KIMEP` academic and institutional development. Through various activities and projects, the department engages the corporate community in the campus life.

The activities of Corporate Development Department include:

International Office

International Office strives to expand KIMEP’s international activities and to enhance the awareness and reputation of KIMEP as a competitive institution in the global academic community.Goals and Objectives

  • To create conditions for international students, faculty, and staff to study and work successfully at KIMEP University during their stay in Almaty and to advise them in collaboration with other KIMEP University departments on academic, cultural, and social issues. This includes organizing social and cultural events, meetings, and outdoor activities.
  • To enhance the awareness and reputation of KIMEP University in the global academic community by creating and developing partnerships with leading universities worldwide which entail student and faculty exchange programs, International Summer School programs, dual degree programs, joint research programs, international conferences, seminars, and events.
  • To create opportunities for KIMEP University students and faculty to study or to do internships or research abroad as part of their academic program/work at KIMEP University through exchange programs, Overseas Summer Programs, or international scholarship programs; to provide KIMEP students and faculty with information on these programs and to assist them before and after their stay abroad.

Department of Development and Legal Office

KIMEP Office of Development is in charge of proactively engaging the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan. To this end, Office builds upon KIMEP’s long tradition of positive government relations, as well as addressing legislative and ministerial issues that affect KIMEP’s operations.
Office of Development also handles all of KIMEP’s local and national legal affairs.
For more information, please contact us:

Office of Development
4 Abay Avenue, Office 104
Almaty 050010, Kazakhstan
tel: +7 (727) 270 44 85, ext.# 2298
fax: +7 (727) 270 42 33
email: alla@kimep.kz