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Division of Administration and Finance

Division of Administration and Finance is responsible for the efficient provision of the resources needed to successfully run the university.

The division includes the following units:

  • Department of Accounting and Financial Control
  • Financial Aid Office
  • Support Services unit
  • Computer and Information Systems Center
  • Human Resources Department
  • Civil Defense
  • Fire and Labor Protection
Department of Accounting and Financial Control

Department of Accounting and Financial Control forms and introduces main directions of accounting and financial policy of the University.

Main tasks:

  • preparation of complete and accurate information on University operations and its property status;
  • control over the use of material and financial resources in accordance with allocated budget and designation;
  • prevention of negative outcomes of economic operations of the University and guarantee of its financial stability.

Finance Department. Department is responsible for accounting of cash and cash-credit operations on expenditures and revenues of the University. Main tasks of the Finance Department are to ensure safety of funds, rational organization of settlement transactions. Besides that the Department supervises timely employee settlements.

Accounting Department is in charge of accounting University expenditures and revenues, long-term and short-term assets and liabilities, as well as preparation of accounting balance and reports under legislation requirements. Functions of this Department also include accounting and supervision over financial and accounting documentation for University operations. Accounting Department cooperates with all other University departments.

Yuriy Vladimirovich Fidirko
Deputy Vice President for Budgeting and Financial Control
Phone: 7 (727) 270-42-23

Ardak Kiyabayeva
Chief Accountant
Phone: 7 (727) 270-44-68

Office of the Registrar

OUR MISSION: To make a world-class education affordable by providing a wide range of grants, scholarships and other types of financial assistance.


  • Students’ interests first
  • Openness and transparency
  • Fairness

Office of Financial Aid is open Monday through Friday from 9 am till 6 pm
KIMEP University, 4 Abay Ave. office 203 (Valikhanov building),
050010, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Email: finaid@kimep.kz
Tel: +7 (727) 270 43 16

Human Resources Department


Support Services Unit

Mission of Support Services Division is to assure safe, comfortable and high quality environment in daily operations of KIMEP community. Support Services Division ensures efficient administration and optimal support for students, faculty and staff. With the help of this division, well-managed and organized relationships with KIMEP’s suppliers of daily needed goods and services are created. Functions of Support Services Division include: construction, renovation and repair works, engineering and communications support, new construction for academic purposes, maintenance of facilities and offices, plant engineering, utility services, estimating, scheduling and procurement, asset management, faculty accommodation, technical servicing of all educational equipments and accomplishment of the campus area.
All actions taken at this department are aimed to provide world class academic services and to contribute to the overall mission of KIMEP University.

Deputy to the President for Facilities, Planning and Development
Our contacts:
Support Services Division, KIMEP
4 Abai avenue, Plant Department
Almaty, 050010, Kazakhstan
Phone: +7 (727) 237-47-57  (Ext. 2545)
Fax: +7 (727) 237-47-57 (Ext. 2548)

Ilya Bykovskiy
Project Controller
Phone: +7 (727) 237-47-57 (Ext. 2508)
E-mail: b.ilya@kimep.kz

Natalya Kozmina
Project Manager
Phone: +7 (727) 237-47-51 (Ext. 2511)
E-mail: kozmina@kimep.kz

Valentina Gladun
Assistant, Office of Support Services
Phone: +7 (727) 237-47-57 (Ext. 2545)
E-mail: vgladun@kimep.kz

Engineering Department

The Engineering department is a structural subdivision of Support Services Division.
Engineering Department monitors service of buildings and facilities, waterworks, sewage, air conditioning and ventilation and heating systems equipment, thus ensuring uninterrupted supply of water, electric and heat power. It controls service of elevators, automatic doors and disinfection of premises and grounds. It monitors and regularly makes recalculations in respect to areas occupied by students for academic purposes after reconstruction of the buildings.
Tamara Mingaleva
Chief Engineer
Phone:+7 (727) 237-47-57 (ext. 2569)
E-mail: mtamara@kimep.kz

Communications and Technical Devices Department

Department performs the following types of works: technical service of all educational equipments on campus, overall account of departmental equipments and their technical conditions as well as conducting preventive & repair works of all technical devices on regular manner.
Aleksei Koshenkov
Manager of Technical Devices
Phone:+7 (727) 270-44-04 (ext. 2737/3045)
E-mail: tso@kimep.kz

Housing Department

The housing department has been created to assist students, faculty and staff in finding proper off-campus accommodation via frequent updated online database.
Housing Department renders the following services:

  1. Meeting KIMEP guests in the airport.
  2. Preparing accommodation in the Guest House.
  3. Assisting in finding apartments or rooms outside of the campus.
  4. Providing Real Estate consultancy
  5. Assisting with lease agreements
  6. Negotiating between tenants and owners on different matters (price, payments, troubleshooting, etc.)
  7. Working with hotels for temporary accommodation
  8. Managing accommodation bills with accounting department
  9. Dealing with emergency situations related to outside accommodation
  10. Working with servicing companies (payments, getting  new orders to set in)   as (Alma-TV, Internet providers, home managements (KSK)
  11. Working with students (looking for  new flats and looking for roommates)
  12. Working with outside bodies on matters concerning outside accommodation
Building Management Department

Building Management Department is a unit of Support Services Division and works in close cooperation with all units of the division as well as with other units and divisions of the University.
KIMEP University is first of all an academic institution, hence to it high sanitary and hygiene requirements are set. Order and cleanliness in classrooms, offices and other rooms of the university are very important. Clean room creates comfortable conditions for students to study and for faculty and staff to work, as well as makes a favorable impression on guests and visitors.
Cleanliness is maintained through professional cleaning. Clean classroom or office means health and good mood of students, faculty and staff, as well as safety, prestige and impeccable reputation of KIMEP University.
Goal: The main part of the department’s work is maintaining cleanliness and order in rooms of the buildings according to sanitary and hygiene norms.
To maintain cleanliness in the rooms dry and wet cleaning are performed, as well as washing, removing dirt and other works. Also we are involved into issues of equipping offices and classrooms, moving of offices, classrooms and furniture, minor repairs, as well as reacting to various requests of units on moving things and preparing halls to various events. We maintain records and timely writing off of fixed assets, and control over safety of property.
Objectives: Creating comfortable conditions for students to study and for faculty and staff to work; have a qualified, professionally trained staff; provide staff with full-fledged equipment and modern cleaning materials.
Work in compliance with KIMEP University policy and make own contribution into university development.

Department structure:

– Valikhanov building: Academic Building, Old library, Graduate Admissions Office, Executive Education Center of KIMEP University;
– Dostyk building : Administrative building, Language Center. Student Center, Sports Center, Greta Hall, Fun Club;
– Dormitory, Medical Center, Student Center, Learning Support Center, Publishing and Printing Department, Labor Safety and Protection Department, Garage, Checkpoint, Apartment in Samal microdistrict, apartment building, Plant Building, Laundry room;
– New Library, New Academic Building

Sembike Izbergenovna Izmagambetova
Department manager
Phone: +7 (727) 237-47-57  (Ext. 2741)
E-mail: sembike@kimep.kz

Publishing Department

Publishing department is one of KIMEP’s departments providing printing services – copying lecture materials, printing leaflets, brochures, posters, certificates, business cards, diplomas, covers, letterheads, envelopes and other.

Publishing department has the following equipments:

  1. 1 – Cutter БР-139
  2. 1 – Wire sewing machine
  3. 1 – ХEROX C255 copy machine
  4. 1 – ХEROX C65 copy machine
  5. 1 – Risograph RISO 3750
  6. 1 – ХEROX ДС440 copying machine
  7. 1 – Praktik thermal binder 210
  8. 1 – Color printer Р7700

Zhetpistai Bulekbayev

Director of Publishing & Printing
Tel.: 7 (727) 237-47-57 (ext. 2562)

E-mail: blkb@kimep.kz

Plant Department

Plant Department ensures cleanliness and order at the territory of KIMEP and at the territory adjacent to the Institute. Plant Department participates in preparation and execution of different ceremonial events of the Institute. It implements all types of renovation and construction works as well as renovation of academic buildings, offices and apartments of the Institute.

Transportation department provides transportation services on work issues in Almaty city and within Almaty region, transportation of employees at night time and cargo transportation.

Cars available:
•    4 cars Daewoo Nexia (2006 — 2007)
•    1 minivan Hyundai Trajet (2004)
•    1 minibus Hyundai County (2004)
•    1 car Hyundai Sonata (2003)
•    1 minivan Opel (1997)

Anatoliy Koshenkov
Director of plant Department
Phone:+7 (727) 237-47-57 (ext. 2513)
E-mail: anatolk@kimep.kz

Victor Golovin
Head of the Gardening Department
Phone:+7 (727) 237-47-57 (ext. 2546)
E-mail: golovin@kimep.kz

Procurement Department

Procurement Department is responsible for purchasing and delivering office equipments, equipment parts, stationary, leaflets, brochures, detergents, household goods, electrical and plumbing materials and others. In addition, working closely with accounting department, procurement monitors and executes departmental requests. All procured goods are stored at the central warehouse of KIMEP.
Bazarbek Zhaksybekov
Head of Procurement department
Phone:+7 (727) 237-47-57 (ext. 3025)
E-mail: bazarbek@kimep.kz

Internal Security Department

Internal Campus Security provides a safe and welcoming environment to enhance the well-being of students, faculty, staff and visitors.
Internal Security department is patrolling the campus and buildings. It monitors the security alarm system and protects all college property, while preventing the unauthorized access. Also, Internal Security office collaborates with city police to strengthen security at the campus.

All KIMEP entrances are secured by following stations:
1)    Valikhanov building
2)    Dostyk building
3)    New Library
4)    New Academic Building
5)    Dormitory
6)    Checkpoint
7)    Enrollment Management
8)    Student Parking

Tanzharyk Musin

Head of Security Department
Phone:+7 (727) 237-47-66 (ext. 2558)
E-mail: tmussin@kimep.kz

Yuriy Kubinov
Deputy Head of Security
Phone:+7 (727) 270-44-41


Kstore Student Center is happy to provide a wide range of services to students of KIMEP University.
Here you can buy everything you need, including office supplies to essential goods, as well as to enjoy your leisure time with a cup of coffee.
From year to year we strive to comply with the requirements of high quality standards, and to amaze you with innovations!
Stationery store
Payment Terminal
Grocery store
Photocopy printing – all office printing services
Free access to Internet / Free WI-FI
Souvenirs and Gifts
CD / DVD burning
Comfortable Snack Bar
PS3 Relax zone
Phone Accessories and electronic gadgets

Working hours:
Monday – 9:00 – 19:00
Wednesday – 9:00 – 19:00
Wednesday – 9:00 – 19:00
Thursday , 9:00 – 19:00
Friday – 9:00 – 19:00
Saturday – 10:00 – 16:00
Sunday –  day-off

Work telephone: +7 (727) 270-42-59
E-mail address for suggestions and complaints: kstore88@mail.ru
E-mail address for printing out documents: copy_2013@mail.ru

Kimep Grill Reloaded

Kimep Grill Reloaded was opened in 2013 Fall Semester; after a 3 month renovation of old Grill completely in terms of service hall, kitchen and all premises. From 0 level to today; Design, project, renovation, decoration, human resource and management of Grill is completely executed by UNO Gastro Group, who was awarded as the Winner of Kimep Grill Tender Process in June 2013.

Service Hall is divided into 4 main area; VIP Open Buffet, Hot Service Line, Fast Food and Cafe. All foods, salads, desserts and bakery menus are produced fresh daily within Kimep Grill Reloaded Kitchen, by experienced Local and International Chefs of UNO.

VIP Open Buffet: Serves all you can eat business lunch between 12:00 to 15:00, Monday through Friday. Menu offers internatioanal and local foods, as well salads and desserts. It’s also the best place to welcome your guest, organize banquets and/ or celebrations.

Hot Service Line: Serves between 8:00 to 20:00, Monday through Saturday. International and Local foods, salads, desserst, fruits, drinks assortments are served. It offers wide variety of food at reasonable prices.

Fast Food: Serves between 8:00 to 20:00, Monday through Saturday. Original Italian Pizza, Doner, Sandwich and Bakery Assortments are served. Good to grap something delicious for take away.

Cafe: Serves between 8:00 to 20:00, Monday through Saturday. Serves an extensive coffee and tea menu; Espresso, Latte, Machiato, Cappucino, tea latte and others. Also international and Local Patisserie assortment; Cakes, cheesecake, tiramisu, krossan and others are served with ready to eat salads and sandwiches.

If you want to have perfect time while enjoying good food in a friendly atmosphere, KIMEP GRILL RELOADED is the place to be!

Work telephone: +7 (272) 270 43 30 and 8 701 220 57 35
E-mail address for suggestions and complaints: kimepgrill@universalcatring.net

Computer & Information Systems Center (CISC)

CISC mission is to support and enhance the teaching, learning, research and administrative processes at KIMEP, and to facilitate the endeavors of KIMEP students, faculty and staff in meeting the institutional mission and goals, through continuous development and maintenance of information and computing facilities, and through provision of highest quality information technology services.

CISC administers KIMEP’s computer facilities and local area network, WiFi, develops and supports software applications, databases, and web-based services.

Mikhail Kalinogorskiy
CISC Technical Director
Phone: +7 (727) 270-42-91 (ext. 3102)
E-mail: cisc@kimep.kz

Civil Defense

Civil Defense is a public management system and a set of public events held during peace and war times to protect population, objects of economy and country’s territory from invading (destructive) factors of modern means of destruction, emergency situations of natural and industrial nature.
Main task of Civil Defense is to protect population (protection of life and health of population), territories and objects of economy.
Main forces of Civil Defense are: military units of Civil Defense, geographical and object units, Civil Service and emergency units; operation rescue units – state, regional, city and district organizations aimed for search and rescue works in hard-to-reach areas and high complexity objects.
Civil Defense management bodies – central and local executive bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, organizations managing and ensuring Civil Defense events during peace and war times.
By Order No. 52 of the President of “KIMEP University” JSC dated April 16, 2012 the following Civil Defense and Emergency units have been established to protect employees and students from emergency consequences:
Office of Civil Defense and Emergency
Committee for prevention and liquidation of emergencies
Evacuation Committee

Office of Civil Defense and Emergency – main organizing and coordinating unit for Civil Defense and Protection of employees and students. Office includes Head of Civil Defense and Emergency and specialist of Civil Defense and Emergency.
In its daily operations Office follows laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, enactments of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, orders and instructions of the Ministry of Emergencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding organization of Civil Defense, protection of population and territories from emergencies, training of Civil Defense units and unit forces, instruction of employees and students on Civil Defense and protection from emergencies of natural and industrial nature.
Talgat Akhmahanov
Head of the Office of Civil Defense and Emergency
Phone: +7 (727) 237-47-67 (ext. 2567)
e-mail: atalgat@kimep.kz

Fire and Labor Protection

Labor protection and fire safety is a state system to support life and health of employees in course of their employment, and the state of security of people, property and society from fires.

Department of fire safety and labor protection has been established at the University in order to establish a system of occupational safety at the University. Main task of the Department is to organize and coordinate operations of structural divisions of the University, internally supervise compliance with requirements of regulative and legal acts on safety and labor protection by university employees.

The following has been done in order to engage workers, engineering and technical workers and employees to participate in preventive fire protection events and active battle to protect property of KIMEP University JSC from fires, increase combat readiness of volunteer fire squad and prevent occupational injuries:
– Fire and technical committee consisting of 10 members has been established;
– Volunteer fire squad consisting of 16 members has been established;
– Persons responsible for fire and occupational safety by departments have been assigned;
– Responsibilities of persons responsible for fire safety have been developed and approved;
– Rules for fire and occupational safety by type of operations have been elaborated;
– Instructions on fire safety have been developed.

Tatyana Ligay
Manager of Fire and Labor Protection
Phone: +7 (727) 237-47-67 (Ext. 2566)
E-mail: t.ligay@kimep.kz