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Congratulations on the publication of the International Conflict and Security Law – A Research Handbook by Law School professors

International Conflict and Security Law a major new book

KIMEP University Law School faculty have published a Research Handbook – International Conflict and Security Law.

The book has been published by the TMC Asser Press Dutch publishing house, and is distributed by the German multinational publishing company Springer.

KIMEP editorial team:

  • Sergey Sayapin, Editor-in-Chief and Associate Professor, School of Law
  • Rustam Atadjanov – Assistant Professor, School of Law
  • Nicolas Zambrana-Tevar – Associate Professor, School of Law

The Research Guide will be useful for both students and researchers, for national and international judges, as well as for legal advisers to governments and international and non-governmental organizations.

This guide will answer the following questions:

  • How does international conflict and security law is applied in the practice of states, international and national institutions?
  • What are the challenges in applying international conflict and security law?
  • What international crimes are committed in violation of these norms?
  • What lessons and conclusions could be drawn from a number of conflict situations?

The reader will have the opportunity to learn various points of view of international experts representing all the major legal systems of the world.