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First EFMD accreditation in Kazakhstan and Central Asia: Bang College of Business

 The Bang College of Business (BCB) Bachelor of Finance Program received the first EFMD program accreditation in Kazakhstan & Central Asia! The European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) is the leader in international business school accreditation.

Professor Barbara Sporn, EFMD Programme Accreditation Director, commented on the school’s recent recognition: “Congratulations for this achievement. We are delighted to have new program to join the EFMD Accredited family, and we are looking forward to further joint collaboration with this institution.”

This achievement opens new global opportunities for the KIMEP University and the regional business education community. Only 106 universities worldwide were able to secure the rigorous EFMD program accreditation.

The Bang College of Business that enjoys an excellent regional reputation was founded in 1999. The College delivers business and management programs and prepares committed professionals and lifelong learners that take leading positions in business and society and shape the future of the region.

Commenting on this achievement, Dr. Nejat Capar, Acting Dean of the Bang College of Business said: “We are very happy that KIMEP University has received EFMD accreditation for its Bachelor of Finance program. This makes KIMEP University the first and only institution to have received such an accreditation in Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Thanks to the vision and leadership of KIMEP University President Dr. Bang, KIMEP University has always been a leader in Business Education in Kazakhstan and the Central Asia since its foundation 30 years ago. EFMD accreditation is a recognition of this vision. As the Bang College of Business, we will continuously improve our programs and provide the best quality education and research in the future.