Bachelor in Psychology (BPSY)

About the program
The goal of this program is to train professionals in the theoretical foundations and basic methods of psychology and also, to give an insight into the applied branches of its disciplines such as possessing skills and techniques that can be used in order to measure, explore and develop individuals, groups or organizations through experiments. Students will obtain an integrated knowledge of education, communication, socialization, learning, and human development. It is also aimed to provide modern knowledge and true sense of vocation that support further learning in any psychology MA.

The BA in Psychology is for you, if you are:

  • Interested in general psychology, human behavior and society
  • Ready to pursue psychology related career
  • Looking to go directly into the workforce immediately after college
Admission requirements & Scholarships
Admission requirements
1. High school or professional vocational school diploma
2. Valid UNT certificate with an overall minimum score of 50 and with a minimum score of 5 on each subject, combination of the specialized subjects on UNT shall be Geography and Biology
3. English proficiency is identified through valid international certificates such as IELTS/TOEFL/Duolingo or internal test KEPT.

Application deadline – August 25, 2022

The most talented candidates can apply for the internal scholarships. KIMEP University offers 100% and 50% scholarships covering full period of study. Selection and Distribution criteria can be found on our website

Scholarship application deadline – July 13, 2022

*Enrollment to the BPSY program is subject to the program content approval and appearance of such in the national registry ESUVO.

Career opportunities
The program opens doors for a professional career and lays the groundwork for an academic career, especially in an international context. You will be a strong candidate for junior positions in all jobs that require skills in analyzing, designing, or improving human interaction, presentation, and communication.

Common Jobs for Psychology Degree Holders:

  • Therapy and counselling
  • Training and development
  • Private healthcare education
  • Mental health support
  • Career counselling
  • Human resources
  • Social work

Psychology Careers in Education:

  • Behavior specialist
  • Professional coaching
  • Educational program researcher*
  • School psychologist*
  • Guidance counselor*
  • Educational psychologist*
  • Many others

BPSY complies with international standards. Duration of the BPSY program is 4 years of study.

The faculty of the program is provided by experienced foreign and Kazakhstani teachers with world-class doctoral degrees received from universities in the USA, Canada, South Korea and the UK.