Strategic Plan
Faculty Code of Practice
  • Faculty Code of Practice
  • Catalog

    The KIMEP University Catalog contains comprehensive information about the institution, including details of the programs KIMEP offers; policies, rules and regulations; the way KIMEP University is organized and governed; and the services offered. Students at KIMEP Universityare normally governed by the regulations set out in the catalog for their year of entry.

    Fact Book

    The Fact Book a one-stop source of essential information on KIMEP University. It includes data on KIMEP University’s student body, faculty, alumni, campus and financial aid system. The Fact Book is published annually in English, Russian and Kazakh by KIMEP University’s Office of Quality Assurance and Institutional Research.

    Quality Assurance Policy

    The main objective of the system of internal quality assurance is meeting requirements and expectations of consumers and interested parties (the state body, employers, students, parents, etc.). Each higher education institution creates its own system of internal quality assurance complying with the international standards. The KIMEP University considers providing high-quality educational services as the main priority of its activity.

    Research Bulletitn