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Legal Clinic

What is Legal Clinic?

KIMEP University Legal Clinic is an organization at KIMEP University designed to provide legal aid to socially vulnerable people. The Legal Clinic provides its services free of charge. Legal aid is rendered by students of KIMEP University’s School of Law under supervision of faculty members of the School. Legal Clinic offers legal services in civil, administrative, family, and labor law.

Our services include:

  • Legal Counseling:

Very often those who need legal assistance cannot visit professional lawyers due to a variety of reasons. This is why our doors are always open to everyone in need of legal counseling. We are greatly committed to increasing legal awareness and legal literacy of our clients.

  • Free Legal Aid:

Only a few can afford paid services. Therefore, our Legal Clinic is here to help you to draw up a claim or other judicial documents for non-criminal cases, arrange representation in court and ensure protection of your rights and interests.

Objectives of Legal Clinic:

  1. Provide free legal aid to population;
  2. Increase legal literacy of population; and
  3. Build a bridge to justice in Kazakhstan with a special focus on economically disadvantaged individuals.
  4. Practice based legal learning

We will be happy to help you demanding nothing in return. We offer individual attention to every client through communication and exploration of details required to redress injustice and equality.

For Sponsors:

Pro Bono Project Application for Host Organizations & Firms

Legal services organizations and firms wishing to provide help (for lawyers: helping pro bono with legal consultation) to KIMEP University (KU) Legal Clinic can make it using the online application. Please complete the application and send it to legal.clinic.kz@gmail.com or bring it to the New Academic building hall # 107 of KU or email it to: legal.clinic.kz@gmail.com. Someone from the pro bono program will follow up with you to approve your applications. If you have any questions about the form or its contents, please email legal.clinic.kz@gmail.com.

For students:

If you want to extend your professional expertise, strengthen your theoretical knowledge in law, integrate your education into practice, please, fill in the Form and send it to email: legal.clinic.kz@gmail.com or bring it to the Clinic’s office located at: 4 Abay Ave., New Academic Building, Room #107.

Legal Clinic office hours:
Monday-Thursday 10 a.m.- 4 p.m.
Our contacts:
Almaty, Abay ave.4, KIMEP University,
Office 107, New Academic Building,
E-mail: legal.clinic@kimep.kz
Tel: +7 (727) 237 47 57 (ext. 2750)