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Slider KPMG Career Week

KPMG Career Week

DAY 1, Oct 3, Hall 1 (NAB), 15-00

Topic: KPMG Strategy & Operations Group

The topic involves an overview of the group, main projects and challenges, career opportunities, success stories of the speakers


Bolat Mynbayev, Director, Strategy & Operations group

  • Graduated from NARXOZ (2007) BFIN; MSc in Banking and Finance, Leeds, UK (2009)
  • 9 years’ experience in KPMG

Aizhan Kakimzhanova, Consultant, Strategy & Operations group

  • KIMEP Alumni 2017
  • 8 years of experience in the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the Department of Analytics and Research;1-year experience in KPMG.

Victor Chesnokov, Consultant, Strategy & Operations group

  • Graduated from HSE and University of London (Economics and Finance) with the first degree diploma, 2021
  • Internship at the Federal Treasury of the Russian Federation, analyst in Toyota Motor Russia, 1 year in KPMG, transferred from the Moscow office

Day 2, Oct 4, Hall #1 (NAB), 15-00

Topic: Audit department

The topic involves an overview of the Audit department and its three sectors, career opportunities.


Zhandos Baigonyrov, Senior Manager, Audit

  • Graduated from Warwick University, BSc Mathematics & Statistics
  • 8 years in KPMG, specializes in Energy Sector, 6 years as an internal coach

Day 3, Oct 5, Hall #1 (NAB), 15-00

Topic: “Taxes everywhere” and Legal practice in KPMG Caspian

The topic is about the groups of the Tax department: Corporate taxation, Compliance, International tax, VAT & Customs, Transfer pricing, M&A. Legal practice in Kazakhstan and Caspian region. Career opportunities. What makes KPMG different from others


Anatoly Khan, Senior Manager, Tax group

  • Graduated from UIB
  • 8 years’ experience in KPMG

Assel Kazbekova, Senior Manager, Legal group

  • Graduated from University of International Relations and World Languages, LLM in Canada, MBA in KIMEP (currently)
  • Joined KPMG in 2022. Has more than 15 years of experience
  • Assel is a member of the Chamber of Legal Advisers «Kazakhstan Bar Association».

Day 4, Oct 6; Hall #2 (NAB); 15-00

Topic: Corporate finance. Project financing in a nutshell.

The topic is about opportunities for career growth and development; projects overview


Mukhit Raimbek, Associate, Financing group

  • More than 4 years in KPMG Deal Advisory

Adel Zhumangarina, Executive, Financing group

  • KIMEP Alumni 2019
  • More than 3 years in KPMG Deal Advisory

Alena Bogun, Associate, M&A group

  • KIMEP Alumni 2013, CFA
  • More than 2 years in KPMG.

Day 5, Oct 7, 2022, Hall #114 (NAB); 15-00

Topic: Valuation group in Deal Advisory

Brief: Introduction to the Valuation Group

Andrey Ivanov, Associate Director, Valuation group

  • Graduated from HSE University with Master’s degree
  • 7 years in KPMG (Moscow office), in Almaty office since 2020

Guzel Ivleva, Associate Director, Valuation group

  • Graduated from Kazakh-German University, Master’s degree in Business and Finance
  • In KPMG since 2011

Topic: Governance, Risk & Compliance, Operational Risks and Sustainability group

Brief: Introduction to Governance and Sustainability in Central Asia and Caucasus

Olzhas Omarov,Associate Director, Governance, Risk and Compliance Services

  • FCCA, CIA. Graduated from KSTU, IT degree, 2010; Asia Pacific University, Malaysia, degree in Finance, 2013
  • Has experience in Audit for 3 years, 6 years in KPMG Consulting. Specializes in internal audit, corporate governance, compliance, SOX