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Global Leadership Forum: “The ways to solve societal challenges” by Aruzhan Sain

On March 4, we invite you to the next Global Leadership Forum session, where

Aruzhan Sain, the Ombudsman for the rights of children in the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Founder of the “Voluntary Society ‘Mercy’”, will talk about the ways to solve societal challenges in Kazakhstan.

Aruzhan Sain is the Founder of the Public Foundation “Voluntary Society ‘Mercy’”. Today it is one of the largest charity organizations in Kazakhstan, which is trusted and respected by people, businesses, and government agencies. The main goal of the foundation is to help Kazakhstani children who find themselves in difficult life situations through the major projects: “Give children life”, “Kazakhstan without orphans”, and “We will win autism!”.

Aruzhan Sain is also well-known for her impact on the development of the media industry in Kazakhstan. In 1994, she founded “Aruzhan and Company” Production Center. It was one of the first production centers that produced entertaining and educational content for adults and children in the Kazakh language. The production center made a special contribution to the development of the Kazakhstani television industry with the following socially significant programs: “Give children life”, “Dos Bolaiyk!”, “Stork Day”, “Balapan Zhuldyz”, and “Mom’s School”.

In 2018, by the decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Aruzhan Sain was given the position of the Ombudsman for the rights of children in the Republic of Kazakhstan.