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April 17, 2024: Dr. Bang attended Dr. Shahbazkia’s “Artificial Intelligence” class

April 17, 2024: Dr. Bang attended Dr. Shahbazkia’s “Artificial Intelligence” class


Dr. Bang, along with the Highest Management Council, are committed to continually improving KIMEP’s academic offerings and there have been numerous recent developments regarding Artificial Intelligence education at KIMEP. Due to this focus, Dr. Bang wanted to hear directly from students about their experiences studying AI.


On Wednesday, April 17th, Dr. Bang attended Dr. Hamid Reza Shahbazkia’s course, “Artificial Intelligence” and students presented to Dr. Bang sharing their experiences in the course. The students in the class study at KIMEP across various academic programs including International Relations, Marketing, Foreign Languages, Finance, Psychology, and many other majors. The students shared with Dr. Bang, along with the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Riviez, and a representative from KIMEP’s Student Government, how they learned to use AI tools and became proficient in various methods of resolving issues related to AI usage. The students shared their appreciation for Dr. Shahbazkia as a professor and for their insightful and interesting assignments throughout the semester.


Dr. Bang was able to share with the students how the university is exploring how to further expand AI courses at KIMEP and integrate AI into academic programs at large. He emphasized that KIMEP is dedicated to academic excellence as well as improving society as a whole and how studying AI is essential to this vision.


After this productive meeting, Dr. Bang awarded the students who presented their work a certificate for their outstanding contribution in pioneering AI at KIMEP University.


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