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BCB Video Contest 2022 Results

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (CEI) is delighted to announce the results of the BCB Video Contest: Think Big!, conducted from October 26 to November 25, 2022. Students had a task to prepare a video of creative and innovative ideas that will inspire positive changes in the KIMEP community, society, and the world. They were encouraged to consider the topics of green economy, social responsibility, sustainability, or other related issues. The contest judges selected the three best videos based on the evaluation criteria of creativity and originality, message content, and technical organization:

3rd place award (100 000 KZT) -Team: ASAD

  • Diana Ajanova
  • Aruzhan Sarsenbayeva

 2nd place award (150 000 KZT) – Team: Barys Yurt Club

  • Azamat Kalam
  • Menli Atayeva

 1st place award (200 000 KZT) – Team: Dreamers

  • Altynai Madalieva
  • Nargiza Gabbazova
  • Tursunai Turumbekova
Congratulations to the winners!