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Division: Library
Unit: Textbook Rental Center (TRC)
Applicability: Students living in the city of Almaty
Purpose: To determine the circumstances and conditions applicable to rental of a laptop. 


  • General provisions 


A laptop can be rented from the Textbook Rental Center, which is located in the Library Building of “KIMEP University” NJSC (hereinafter- the University). To rent a laptop, a claimant must have valid student ID card and must be a current student with an active registration for courses. 

Due to the limited number of laptops, a student should contact the TRC for a laptop rental only in case of real need.

Laptops will be rented out on the first-come-first-served approach according to the list formed by the TRC staff. In the event that the number of applications for renting laptops exceeds the available number, the TRC staff will form a waiting list, the period of which will not exceed one week. Should a student nor receive a confirmation of his/her request by TRC after expiration of one week, a student, if still necessary, shall submit a new request. 

Request rent a laptop shall be formed at the Student portal. Students from the waiting list will be notified by TRC staff if there are laptops available. A notice shall be sent to the e-mail address indicated in the request. If within one business day from the moment of receiving the notification a student hasn’t approached TRC to receive a laptop, the laptop shall be given to the next student according to the list, and the rental fee refund shall be made by the rules applicable to textbook rental warranty deposit refund according to the Catalogue. All lists shall be formed in chronological order depending on the time of students’ request. 

One student may apply to rent only one laptop. 

When documenting a laptop rent it is necessary to read these Rules, the laptop rental contract and to sign the laptop transference / acceptance act, confirming that a student has received a laptop and all the necessary components in a working state. Rental Contract and the form of Transference and Acceptance Act are stated in the Appendix # 1 to these Rules. 

During the period of using a laptop the student shall on his/her own bear a responsibility for safety or dissemination of personal data and of any other information. During the period of using the laptop a student shall control the timeliness of updating antivirus software. A student shall be liable in accordance with the current legislation of Kazakhstan for any illegal actions related to using the laptop – the University shall bear no liability. 

A laptop shall be given out to a student demonstrating his/her identification document. 


  • Rules of using the laptop 


The laptop and all of its components must be under a student’s constant supervision because a student shall be responsible for them in the event of loss, theft and / or damage (in the amount of real loss). 

The laptop should only be used for obtaining the educational services of the University and shall not be used by anyone else or for any other purposes. 

A limitation of receiving a laptop for one month shall cover students studying at their last year that earned 95% and more of their credits due.

An account (account, username) for working on a laptop has the rights of an ordinary user.

It is forbidden to install third party applications, not approved by the University Computer and Information Systems Center (CISC) on the laptop. 

A student should not try to gain administrator rights and / or change laptop settings. The laptop already contains the necessary preinstalled software clipping set. 

It is forbidden to enter sites with terrorist, extremist, pornographic and other prohibited content. It is forbidden to eat or drink near a laptop. 

It is forbidden to remove a bar-code and stock inventory code from the laptop. 

It is forbidden to sub-lease a laptop. 

It is forbidden to repair the laptop independently, to disassemble it and / or to replace its any part. 

To avoid overheating it is forbidden to put a turned-on laptop on soft surfaces – a laptop should be only placed on flat and hard surfaces. 

In case of any problems when using the laptop, you should immediately report by writing an e-mail with the “Laptop rental” subject to the following e-mail: laptop@kimep.kz and / or by the following telephone number: +7727270-42-94. 


  • Rules of returning the laptop and extending the rental period 


The laptop must be returned to the Textbook Rental Center (TRC) no later than within three business days following the date of the end of the rental period, indicated in the Transference and Acceptance Act. 

A student shall return a laptop to the TRC with all personal records, photos, etc. deleted. Should you return the laptop without deleting all records, photos, etc., the University shall not be responsible for the loss of your personal data and /or unintended dissemination of your data. 

TRC personnel, jointly with Computer and Information Systems Center (CISC) staff will check the laptop for damages If all parts /components are returned and the laptop is not damaged, the CISC staff will confirm the return of a laptop in a due state and delete all information / programs from the laptop. The appropriate mark shall be made in the Act of Transference and Acceptance. 

In case of detecting any damage or loss of any parts / components a CISC staff member shall make a note in the Act of Transference and Acceptance that a laptop needs to be sent to expert evaluation due to supposed malfunctions. The evaluation shall be made to reveal malfunctions and / or hidden breakages. Upon expiration of three business days from the moment of returning a laptop by a student CISC shall issue its conclusion. 

On the grounds of a conclusion issued the Student shall reimburse the price of repair by the bill issued by the third parties (suppliers). 

To extend the rental period, you also need to go to the TRC, staff members will check that all parts / components are in stock. They will also assess the laptop for damage. An estimate will also be made of the cost of any damage or lost components. If all components are in order and the laptop is not damaged, TRC personnel will confirm the renewal.

If the laptop and / or its components are damaged and /or lost, a student shall reimburse the real damage price and shall be forever deprived of the possibility to renew and re-lease the laptop throughout the whole remainder period of studying in the University. 

The University reserves a right to request to return a laptop early without explaining a reason. 


  • Rental periods and rent fees 


Two rental periods are stipulated:

  1. 30 calendar days (a minimum rental period). 
  2. One semester 

Information on rental fee stated at the Student Portal of the web-site shall be selected by a student on his/her own while selecting a rental period when applying. 

It is possible to extend the rent if there is no waiting list (upon discretion of the University), the rental fee shall be charged according to the prices indicated in the appropriate section of the Student Portal. 

Rental payment shall not be refunded, including in case of early returning of a laptop. 

Exception shall be made for early returning of a laptop by the request of the University. In this case the refund of earlier paid rental fee shall be made proportionally to the number of unused calendar days of rent. Refund shall be made to the settlement/ card account of the rent payer, i.e. of the one who actually paid the rental fee earlier, within 20 business days from the moment of confirming the return of a laptop in an operable state. 


  • Rental fee payment and penalties 


Rental fee, indicated in the Student Portal at the web-site shall be deducted from the balance of the Textbook Rental Fee warranty deposit. Meanwhile is should be noted that a student shall in advance refill the balance of the warranty deposit with the necessary rental fee amount over the amount of the minimum balance of the warranty deposit, if a student also rents the textbooks.

If the laptop and its components are not returned within the period indicated in the section 3 of the Rules, the University is entitled to collect a fine from the student in amount of the price of the equal replacement. 

The University shall have a right to deduct the amounts for damage recovery, laptop repair and penalties from the student’s warranty deposit, as well as from the amount of any positive balances of a students’ account in the University. If the balance of such accounts is not sufficient, a student shall repay the difference within five business days from the moment of receiving an appropriate request from the University by refilling the balance of warranty deposit for textbooks use. 

In the event of rent arrears of paying the rental fee and / or fines, the University shall have a right to block the student’s account until the debt is fully paid off, i.e. the student will not be able to register for courses and to take final exams.