Spring 2021 Outgoing E-mobility Slider

Outgoing E-Mobility – October 25

KIMEP International Office offers new outgoing e-mobility program for the Spring 2021 in the following Partner Universities (tuition fee and application to KIMEP): 

  1. Dongguk University, South Korea,
  2. Hong Kong Baptist University, China,
  3. HAN International School of Business, Netherlands,
  4. Lingnan University, Hong Kong, China
  5. California State University Long Beach, USA
  6. University of Central Arkansas, USA

Eligibility requirements:

  • a solid command of English language (average GPA in English language courses min. B/ IELTS 6/ TOEFL IBT 72/ TOEFL PBT 523);
  • have GPA of 3.00 or higher;
  • be full-time degree student (bachelor and master)
  • Earn:
    • 30 to 110 credits for bachelor students;
    • 9 credits for master students.

At the application stage

    • Have no disciplinary records
    • Have no debts

Necessary application documents to be uploaded:

  • Online Application form 

Optional (only documents from the current study level):

  • Winner certificates of intellectual challenges, Olympiads, competitions
  • Winner certificates of athletic challenges
  • Community service certificates
  • Reference letters 
  • Confirmation of vulnerability status

Link for application: https://my.kimep.kz/emobility/default.aspx

Or via My KIMEP Portal> E-mobility> Application for E-Mobility, S2021

Application deadline: October 25, 2020 at 23:59


    • Policy on e-mobility – https://my.kimep.kz/emobility 
    • E-mobility program, list of partners, S2021– L:\International Mobility\E-mobility
    • Course approval procedure – L:\International Mobility\Before application\Academic Mobility Policy
    • Course transfer policy – L:\International Mobility\Before application\Academic Mobility Policy
    • Universities Descriptions – L:\International Mobility\Before application\Description of Partners Universities (courses, application)


For more information, please contact the International Office’s Coordinator, Ms. Nailya Akhmarova, tel.: +77272374800 (ext.1085), e-mail: outgoing@kimep.kz