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Demo Day – August 11

On 11 August 2019 KIMEP University hosted a Demo Day that crowned the 2-month-long Method Pro Summer IT internship for talented youth, organized by Method Digital Education Program, the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and KIMEP University.

During the Demo Day, the best projects of the Method Pro IT Summer Internship were presented, and six projects were chosen by Alfa Bank Kazakhstan, Technodom and BI Innovations to be implemented in their companies.  The winner teams received 500 000 tenge-worth certificates and were invited for internships in the companies with opportunity of subsequent employment.

Dr Jay Ho Young Lee, Dean of BCB, officially represented KIMEP at the remarkable event. The event was covered in local media. Links to some of the reports and articles are given in the end of this text. Bang College of Business fruitfully collaborates with the Method Pro Program organized by the Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and already hosted two Method Pro Summer IT Internships for talented youth and a training session in Python language coding for KIMEP students and employees.

This year, as always, the program was highly selective – only 118 youngsters out of 2000 applicants were chosen to take part in the Internship, and only 70 of them passed through the hackathon that divided the first and the second rounds of the internship. During the internship, talented students were trained in project management and advanced information technologies in cyber security, micro-services, web-development, machine learning and mobile applications, working in groups and developing solutions to real-life tasks set by partner companies. The teachers represented such companies as Amazon, Chocofamily, Foxout, as well as BTS Digital and KIMEP University. As the final accord, the internship participants developed programs to solve problems identified by the IT Internship’s corporate partners and six of the projects will soon be implemented to help the companies’ day-to-day operations.

Links to local media coverage (in Russian language):

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