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KIMEP HR Club meeting on 6th February 2019

On the 6th of February 2019 KIMEP HR Club gathered its members for hot topics in HR sphere. Specifically, the speakers of the session, Zauresh Kumarbekova, HRD of Mountaindrive Baganashil, talked about the “Facilitation in HR” and how it can be implemented in real live.

The participants were involved in a practical case study and formed groups to implement different HR related events in the organizations.

The next speaker of our session, Alexandra Pak, Executive Director of HiPO Kazakhstan, talked about “Employee branding”, its importance for the companies, what does the employee brand consist of and what steps are needed to develop such a brand.

The session gathered around fourty participants from different sectors of the business, HR Directors, managers and owners of the businesses. Participants were involved in a fruitful discussion, networking and team building activities.

The next session of HR club is planned in March, more detailed information will be sent later.