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mobility and faculty

Academic Mobility for Faculty

Mobility at KIMEP University for Incoming Faculty

KIMEP University looks forward to receiving requests from faculty from other institutions, who are interested in researching and teaching at KIMEP University. KIMEP offers different research, training, and international cultural experience opportunities to its incoming faculty.

To apply, interested candidates should provide the following:

  1. Send CV
  2. Topic of their research
  3. Research proposal
  4. Accompanying letter

Faculty exchange is approved on a case-by-case basis in specific colleges. The Dean of the related College or the Head of the department approves all applications.

Before arrival, faculty members can follow the guide with recommendations on accommodation, transfer, places to visit while in Kazakhstan, visas, and other topics.

All questions about applications should be addressed to the Coordinator for incoming mobility:
Arailym Kuderbayeva
Executive Director (Incoming Mobility)
Email: incoming@kimep.kz
Tel: +7 (727) 237-47-91 (ext. 1016)
Office: Office #112, Dormitory bld.

Mobility Abroad Opportunity for KIMEP Faculty ​and Staff

KIMEP offers its faculty and Staff members a range of opportunities to study, carry out research and experience international academic life at partner universities worldwide.

A faculty or staff member’s participation in international or exchange programs administered by KIMEP University is a subject of approval by the Dean or the Head of the department concerned. Interested faculty and staff members submit to the International Office KIMEP Application Form for Faculty and Staff Mobility Programs

Erasmus+ is a new EU program for Education, Training, Youth, and Sport launched in 2014 and extending until 2020. Erasmus+ provides opportunities for the teaching and administrative staff of higher education institutions, with financial support from European Union. Training opportunities are also available for teaching and non-teaching staff employed in KIMEP University.

Presentation for staff members is available on L-drive > DIAM > Faculty & Staff > Erasmus Plus.

Interested individuals must have agreed on the program of activities to be undertaken at a host university at the stage of application and the Mobility Agreement should be signed by 3 parties (participant, host and home universities) prior to the start of the mobility period. Teaching mobility includes 8 hours of teaching during a week.

Erasmus + ICM teaching and training mobility places, Call 2018

Mevlana Exchange Program through its scholarship scheme supports faculty members from KIMEP University and its Turkish partner HEIs to implement mutual academic mobility for 1-6 weeks.

For faculty, Mevlana Scholarship covers travel expenses and gives the grant on a daily basis, depending on the professorial rank of the participant, to do research and teach from 1 week to 3 months.

Detailed information about the program is here.

MEVLANA teaching mobility places, 2019-2020

All questions about applications please address to the Coordinator for outgoing mobility

Director of International Office

Nailya Demirdogen (Mrs.)
E-mail: international@kimep.kz
+7 (727) 237 48 00 (ext.1085)
Monday-Friday: 09.00 – 18.00, break 13.00 – 14.00

International Office Coordinator

Aigul Rakhimbayeva (Mrs.)
Email: outgoing@kimep.kz
Tel: +7 727 2374800 (ext. # 1015)
Whats-app: Tel: +7 701 42 81 137
Monday-Friday: 09.00 – 18.00, break 13.00 – 14.00

Incoming academic mobility

Arailym Kuderbayeva
Executive Director (Incoming Mobility)
Office: Office #112, Dormitory bld.
Email: incoming@kimep.kz
Tel: +7 (727) 237-47-91 (ext. 1016)
Monday-Friday: 09.00 – 18.00, break 13.00 – 14.00


Aizhan Akhmetova, Program Coordinator

Host University: National University of Public Service (NUPS), Budapest, Hungary
Period of Erasmus + training mobility for administrative staff: 1 week; 23-27 May 2016

I attended Crisis Management International Staff Week of the National University of Public Service (NUPS). I’ve learn a lot during intensive 1 week program in NUPS. Networking, cultural events, training session on crisis management, interesting presentations by colleagues.
Every country has own rules and policies. Working with different people from all over the world is interesting but at the same time unpredictable. We never can predict what might be happen, however crisis management training program helped me to be prepared, to learn how to react and behave in different situations. We should know at least few basic things working with international people.
I strongly recommend organizing this kind of short training on specific topic on the regular basis by the following reasons:
– Self-development
– Motivation to improve daily routine
– Networking and exchange of ideas with current and future partners
– Cultural diversity

Rano Pakhirdinova, Deputy Registrar, Academic Affairs

Host University: University of Tartu, Tartu, Estonia
Period of Erasmus + training mobility for administrative staff: 1 week; 13-17 June, 2016.

University of Tartu is a very strong academic place from all sides, they have great scientist graduates, they have very strong school in many areas and they are developing many new projects, interesting and useful collaborations, so I’m glad that I was able to visit such a great place. It was very beneficial mobility for me and I gave the high assessment for this university.
I had my own professional interests and questions when I planned my visit to Tartu University and I had chance to find answers there. I learned from them about the ERASMUS + action plans, about the new projects and new options for our university to find cooperation’s and partners. We find a way to have some dual degrees with Tartu University, later in October we had a visiting member from Tartu in our KIMEP University, to learn about our programs that could be in the project for dual degree. They have a very good IT team and almost all documentation moved from manual to electronic, which save all papers, no lost documents and every request can be tracked. So their technical support is very good. I was excited. So I also learned about their technical support of e-documentations and I shared this with our administration, so I think that we also will move to e-documentations in the future, we are on this way.
As for the service University of Tartu provided for me – it was good, everything was in time and all planned meetings were organized well. Every day was planned. From technical side
Staff mobility is a really useful and necessary option for administrative staff, since we learn from best practices and we can implement best solutions in our home places. Also it will be interesting to have exchange experience with other universities and try to see real work of the people on your position and with familiar duties.

Maganat Shegebayev, Assistant professor, Language Center

Host University: National University of Public Service, Budapest, Hungary
Period of Erasmus + teaching mobility for academic staff: 8-24 October 2016

It was a great experience to work in a different academic environment, to interact with the fellow colleagues to share ideas and pedagogical practices.
The teaching mobility at NUPS helped me to gain some new ideas and practices in language teaching for non-native English speaking students with diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. I have also developed some professional network among colleagues and management to discuss future academic opportunities. However, I would like to emphasize that these networking activities include students as well. For instance, at the end of my mobility some students have expressed their interest to apply for an exchange program to visit Kazakhstan and to come to KIMEP for study or research.
I would like to thank KIMEP University and the host university, NUPS, for this mobility opportunity under Erasmus+ program.
I am also grateful to KIMEP’s International Office for their informational support.
In addition, I express my gratitude to the Language Center and MCPR department for providing me with corporate souvenirs, promotional video and a presentation about KIMEP University.
I have shared all these promotional items at my host university and in other partner universities in Germany, Czech Republic and Poland which I visited at my own initiative.