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International students

KIMEP University is a home to a growing number of international students, including degree, non-degree, and exchange students. Students come from 25 different countries, including Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Korea, Uzbekistan, Russia, the USA, the UK, Germany, China, and Turkey.

KIMEP University offers an exceptional education in a unique region of the world. Located in Almaty, the financial capital of Central Asia, students have the opportunity to experience Central Asian culture in a dynamic and modern environment.

Choosing to study at a foreign university for your Bachelor’s, Master’s or Doctor’s is a major decision – and one that will inevitably shape the direction of your future career and network.

KIMEP University offers 22 English-language degree programs, including 10 undergraduate programs in Accounting and Audit, Finance, Management, Marketing, Law, Economics, International Relations, Public and Municipal Administration, Journalism; and 10 graduate programs in Business Administration, International Relations, Public and Municipal Administration, International Journalism, Economics, International Law, and Foreign Languages. It also offers a DBA program and an Executive MBA program, as well as a wide range of certificate programs and short professional courses.

Students may take classes here in various capacities: as a Degree or Dual Degree student; through an exchange program; or for short-term Non-Degree, language, or other courses at KIMEP.

KIMEP University accepts applications throughout the year. All applications should be sent directly to the Department of Student Recruitment and Admissions. The sooner international students apply, the sooner International Office can assist in finding suitable accommodation, and preparing admitted students for life in Almaty and study at KIMEP.

If you are ready to take that next step in your career, we encourage you to apply to KIMEP University now!


International Office assists international newly admitted and current students with the following services:

  • Advises in matters pertaining to daily student life and addresses their needs with relevant departments within KIMEP to seek solutions for administrative issues (this includes liaising with Student Recruitment and Admission Office, Student Learning Support Center, Medical Center, Office of the Registrar, Internal Security, Support Services Department, Accounting Department, etc.).
  • Advises on non-academic issues, in cooperation with relevant KIMEP units, after arrival on campus.
  • Assigns “Buddies” to international students, in cooperation with the KIMEP Student Association to ease transition to KIMEP and Almaty.
  • Organizes Orientation sessions, Welcome and Farewell parties, International Students Day, and Country Days.

International Officer (international degree/non-degree students coordination, incoming staff coordination, cultural events, buddy system)

Email: international@kimep.kz

Tel: +7 (727) 2374800 (ext. 1015)

Dormitory building, ground floor

Dual Degree

These programs allow students to receive two separate degrees: one from KIMEP University and one from a partner institution. The principle of dual degree programs is that students complete some of their courses at Home University and the rest at KIMEP University, with credits being recognized by both. All classes are taught in English. Students pay tuition where they study at that time. Dual degree students should be advised at their Home University, as well as by an academic adviser at the relevant college at KIMEP University and apply online. Colleges administrate the dual degree programs and International Office provides advising on logistic issues.

Through the dual degree program “the International Master in Central, East European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies” students spend the first year in the University of Glasgow, UK or in the University of Tartu, Estonia and the second year in KIMEP University, Kazakhstan. From KIMEP University they receive degree “Master in International Relations”.

Contact at the College of Social Sciences:
Dinara Nurmanova, Administrative Manager
Email: zdinara@kimep.kz
Tel: +7 727 270 43 40

Buddy program

Instagram: @bis.kimep
Email: bis.kimep@gmail.com

Buddy of International Students (BIS) is mainly organized for helping international students with different issues while staying in Kazakhstan. Since its creation BIS has created good reputation among international students and staff. Each international student is assigned a Buddy who contacts newcomers before arrival to Kazakhstan.

BIS Helps for foreigners with following:

  • Medical checkup (X-ray, 086)
  • Bank visit (payment for housing, tuition fee, library and etc.)
  • Grocery staff
  • Buying SIM card and fix issues with local number
  • Translation in different places
  • Showing around Almaty

Feedbacks of students:

 “Buddy system is really helpful for freshmen and exchange students, because buddy help them to make campus life well!”

Shin Yohan, South Korean, regular student

 My buddy is the best buddy anyone could wish for. She will go above and beyond to help you out, party with you and make you lunch sometimes. She’s also one of the coolest chicks I’ve ever met and I’m happy to call her my friend”

Sara Rudman, Slovenia, exchange student

 My buddy took care of me from second number one. She was not only a professional Buddy, she also became a close friend and ally. She knows everything that is worth to know about KIMEP, Almaty, Kazakhstan and life. She is caring, funny, smart and helpful. I hope we will keep up the contact

Mattias Göthberg. Sweden, exchange student

Social LIFE 

On the portfolio of the events BIS helped in organization of the following:

  • Orientation session
  • Welcome party
  • International Students day
  • Country days
  • Farewell party
  • Open house Day
  • Interview with International Students

Recommendation from BIS Team

10 Things you should do in Kazakhstan: 

  1. Visit Kok-Tobe
  2. Try Baursak
  3. Go to Medeu
  4. Explore Big Almaty Lake
  5. Try Kazakh national drink- Kymus, which is horse milk
  6. Take a photo in Charyn Canyon
  7. Ski in Shymbulak
  8. Visit Astana
  9. Travel with VIS to Kaindy Lake
  10. Visit Green Bazar and try Kurt

Going Global center

On December 9, 2016 the “Going Global”, an information center, opened its doors to provide international students with a special home atmosphere, where we gather together like a family to spend time during the day or after the classes; share our news, concerns, and advice; discuss various topics and initiates; prepare for events; and just drink tea. Students will also find there materials about Kazakhstan, Almaty, KIMEP University, and other useful information on opportunities to travel around Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries. Photo exhibition depicts joyful mood of our international students for whom the “Going Global” became a second home, as well as numerous events & trips organised by the department and student organization BIS (Buddies for International Students).

The “Going Global” center is located in the International Office and welcomes you from 9.00 till 6.00 pm on Mon-Fri.



I am Neeraj from India, i was preparing for IELTS and and searching for international universities all over the globe. Fortunately i found KIMEP and got admission after a long but clean and necessary process. University has good international rankings and recommendations but i was still not sure about my decision as this university is not that much popular in India. As of now i am about to pass my second semester here and i can surely say this was a brilliant decision to come here as university has great teaching system similar to USA and best professors from all over the world. In addition infrastructure is modern and well maintained. University staff is helping in nature and i feel warm regards every time i meet any of staff doesn’t matter i need help from sweeper or Dean they listen to me patiently and help my in every possible way. in addition, Almaty is a beautiful city and most important safe for international students. People are polite here and everyone tries to make me feel at home, they are charming hosts. i visited a lot of destinations nearby and many more to visit in coming times. i like weather in Kazakhstan, local cuisine and traditions. as a conclusion, KIMEP is a great university situated in a beautiful city surrounded by amazing lakes and mountains.

Kumar Neeraj, BFIN student from India


From the moment I got accepted to KIMEP University, I have felt welcome. The service from the international office has been excelent! Before I came, the correspondence went really smooth, with quick replies on my mails and always a kind tone. After I finally arrived, all staff at the international office has been very kind and always willing to help out with everything – from signing papers to help me find english speaking movies 😉 During my stay in Almaty I have found that this is a characteristic behaviour for Kazak people – always ready to help out, always warm and kind. I think Kazakhstan is a beautiful country with beautiful people, and I will always remember that from my exchange at KIMEP University.

Olivia Samuelsson, Exchange student from Sweden


Choosing a law school especially for graduate studies is one of the most important decisions you’ll make in your life. I was looking for a good Law School to pursue graduate studies. I came across KIMEP Law School, I decided to check out the curriculum and since I have always liked the idea of a diverse career path, KIMEP had exactly what I was looking for and so the decision to come study here could not be more apt. I did not come to KIMEP by accident. It was by choice! And it is, definitely, one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

The Law School here at KIMEP allows students to choose their courses and the master of laws (LL.M.) program in particular is beautifully tailored to students’ interests and career aspirations. Also, most professors, if not all of them, were practicing lawyers in their respective fields, and this means that reading law under their tutelage, you will gain expert knowledge at the forefront of discovery.

What I like about KIMEP is the fact that the class sizes here are ideal for facilitating discussion and active participation. The professors are skilled in teaching you to be accurate and pay attention to details while not losing eye for the bigger picture. The facilities are excellent and very modern. The student body is truly international. There are also many different types of scholarships (one of which I’m happy to be a recipient) available to every student who wishes to apply.

I was also privileged to intern with the University’s department for legal services where I had an opportunity to learn about the ground realities of the legal industry in Central Asia, an experience I’ll cherish for the rest of my life.

Thanks to the international office and it’s amazing team of talented and energetic young ladies who are always ready and willing to help, it was easy for me to settle in at KIMEP. Outside the classroom, the international office organises events (and trips) which bring together both local and international students. As you know, building a network of friends abroad is one of the most important aspects of studying abroad. During my time at KIMEP, I was able to make lifelong (I hope) friendships with locals, but especially with international students as well. Almaty has everything you need to make the most of student life. People here are so friendly and hospitable you cannot even believe it. COME TO ALMATY, COME TO KIMEP, WHERE YOUR DREAMS WILL COME TRUE! You will not regret it!

Nashoonga LILONGEKIDA UYEMO HAFENI, MLLM student from Namibia


Hi I’m Benoit, and I come from France. I am studying in KIMEP through Exchange Program with my home school in Lille. I stay here from September to May, what I like in KIMEP is the general atmosphere within the beautiful campus. Moreover, BIS association is helping international students to adapt and socialize with local students. About courses, there is a very good level, the quality of courses is high and you can easily find materials through the website, which is instinctive.
Guy Benoit Marie Pascal Thierry, exchange student from France


In my life I have already studied in several countries (Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark and England) and I can say that the level here in KIMEP is comparable, if not superior to many European Universities.
The campus itself is very student-friendly, with all facilities students may need. Kazakhs are very hospitable people and this is very noticeable by the fact that local classmates invite foreigners to their parties, ceremonies and traditional festivals. KIMEP is a wonderful learning environment, located in the best district of Almaty.

Quaglio Dario, MMkt student from Italy


Hi! My name is Halil and I am from Turkey. First of all, I had a great time in here. There are a lot of exchange students from the other countries and it helps to create a really friendly and sociable environment. I also enriched my knowledge thanks to valuable and experienced teachers, and thanks to our international office, they were always kind and helpful. I did not have any problem here.

Bicer Halil Baran, exchange student from Turkey


During the past four and a half months, living in Almaty while studying in KIMEP University has been a great and very unique experience for me as a Swedish student. The people of Almaty and Kazakhstan, including KIMEP students and staff, has been so kind and friendly throughout my visit. The spirit of the people is something that I definitely will promote once I’m back in Sweden.

I am very pleased with my exchange semester at KIMEP University. It has been a fun experience as well as very rewarding for my personal development. During the semester, KIMEP hosted alot of nice events which I enjoyed together with other fellow students. Finally, I would like to devote special gratitude towards the International Office. They are very inviting towards exchange students and if you have any issues or questions, they always help you out.

Douglas Svedberg, exchange student from Sweden


I would like to say thank you BIS organisation, international, admission and registration offices and others in KIMEP University who helped us very much and welcomed us very well. Education quality is higher than my expectation before coming here. Weather in Almaty during the winter was cold, soo awesome and eventhough the difficulties I enjoed it very much. I liked the tradition, culture in Kazakhstan. I liked the meals, pilov,samsa etc. I hope I would try again in my future life.I don’t regret coming here and I will remember all my memories here for the rest of my life. THANK YOU :):):)

İsa Poçan, Exchange student from Turkey