International Office Events

The International Office and the Buddy for International Students (BIS) hold various cultural activities during the year. In synergy, two teams plan and implement International Student Orientation Day, Welcome and Farewell parties, International EXPO, Birthdays, various trips in and around Almaty, and other programs.

KIMEP University takes care of international students, both regular and those coming for a shorter period as a part of exchange, non-degree, and dual degree programs. With international events and Kazakh hospitality, KIMEP helps students smoothly transition into a previously-unknown environment, encourages them to share their traditions with us, creates a warm atmosphere to make new friends, and makes students feel at home in Almaty.

Below is the calendar of the major international events:

 # EVENT Fall 2019 Spring 2020
1 ArrivalDates 19-22 August 3, 6, 8, 9 January
2 Mobility Info Day for KIMEP students (Exchange, grants) 15, 20, 22 August
3 Orientation session for incoming int. regular and exchange students 23-24 August  8 January
4 Mobility Info Day for outgoing students (general for exchange, grant programs) 26- 28August 22, 23, 24 January
5 Orientation week for international students 26-29 August  
6 Welcome Party for international regular and exchange students 13 September  17 January
7 Trip to Nomad ethnic center for freshmen international students 15 September
8 Birthday party for international students 3 October
9 Orientation sessions for nominated outgoing students 1-3 October 11, 12, 13 March
10 Country Day 10 October, 7 November 13 February, 9 April
11 Meeting for Summer/ Winter Schools  October 15 February 12
12 International Week (Traditions, History, Art of KZ)   16-20 March
13 International Students Day 15 November  
14 Farewell party for international regular and exchange students 28 November 20 April
15 Pre-departure session for nominated outgoing students 21-22November 13, 14 May
16 Joint meeting of Exchange Alumni Club 27 November 5 June
17 Orientation session for nominated outgoing staff mobility 12-13 December  24, 25 June
18 Trips, activities in Almaty and neighborhood Organized by a student organization Organized by a student organization