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Trip to Bishkek

At the end of January 2019 international exchange students went for a trip from Almaty to Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. The road took about four hours by minibus. Fortunately, in Bishkek the weather was warmer than in Almaty.

A local hostel (very hospitable and economical, by the way), sheltered them. One of the highlights of travelling in Kyrgyzstan was hiking through the mountains, enjoying great views of vast valleys and crystal rivers.

The passes, to the surprise of the students, were free from other tourists. On the first day, the way was headed to Ala Aschar Mountain Hike passage: on the hiking from the morning till late afternoon the group easily and merrily covered 7 kilometers.

In the evening of that day all went to have dinner at a local cafe to try Kyrgyz cuisine, which is rich with meat.

One of the participants, a Singaporean student was lucky to celebrate his birthday with the whole group in a very nice European styled bar and share the joy with friends he has got at KIMEP! A lot of souvenirs from Kyrgyzstan will keep students’ memory about the amazing trip for a long time!