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Country Day: Italy and Afghanistan

On November 9, 2016 another event of the Department of International Academic Mobility dedicated to Country Day took place. This time interesting facts about two such different countries, as Afghanistan and Italy were presented. The event was held in the Library, where our staff members have prepared a thematic exhibition.

Guests were especially interested to lift the veil of mysteriousness that covers Afghanistan. Indeed, behind political curtain, war, pain, devastation, poverty of people we don’t notice a beautiful world of common people. It is interesting – how do they live? What do they wear and eat? How do they survive, meanwhile preserving their customs, celebrating births and weddings? From the presentation of Fariba Nazari, the exchange student, it was very fascinating to learn about ethnic features of her people, about holidays and traditions, that turned out to be very similar to Central Asian ones. Fariba changed the perception of guests about her country and treated everyone with ethnic delicacies that she cooked by herself. By the way, the event was also attended by Afghanistani guys – the students of a military school, who formed a great support team for Fariba.

Speaking about Italians, guests where very curious to know, how representatives of this country manage to always be so stylish? How do they cope to work that efficiently, at the same time enjoying their life in full? Why cookery is somewhat sacred in Italy? Carlo Di Grigorio, the student of International Relations, who came here from Italy, explained to our guests the most popular day-to-day gestures of Italian body language, that sometimes tells much more than the speech itself. Before it seemed that we know almost everything about this historically and culturally rich country. Nevertheless, Carlo presented a number of surprises by telling certain moments that are never mentioned in tourist reference materials. We know Italians as emotional and joyful people, very cordial and hospitable. Everyone once again witnessed this, listening to a sharp-witted and humorous presentation by Carlo, which was accompanied by great diversity of pizzas.

The atmosphere at the Day of two countries was very lively – all people present got to know each other even closer, learned many new things and made remarkable pictures to sustain their memories.