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Country Day: China and Sweden

On February 17, 2017 one more event of the Department of International Academic Mobility dedicated to Country Day took place. This time it was China and Sweden presenting their homeland. Two exchange students, Mattias Gothberg and Amanda Crabo – representatives of Uppsala University, Sweden, prepared an interesting presentation about Sweden, showing a national dance and inviting everyone to participate. They taught everyone such useful Swedish words as, for example, “Skål” (cheers), or “tack” (Thank you). The guys prepared national snacks – pancakes with jam and sour cream, and let everyone try it.

The event was continued by Chinese regular students, Gaukhar Erzhan and Huang Zirui, who prepared presentation with interesting and useful facts about Chinese culture. Just recently KIMEP University hosted an event dedicated to Chinese New Year. It was worthwhile to learn from Chinese students about traditional details as what is it proper to wear, what to present and how to behave during such a major holiday as Chinese New Year. Students invited Wong Kitman, an exchange student from Hong Kong, to present her homeland to everyone. Speakers taught the audience a few basic Chinese phrases such as Ni Hao (Hello), Dui Bu Qi (Sorry), XieXie (Thank You), Wo Ting Bu Dong (I don’t understand).

It was really interesting to get so many facts, to learn useful phrases about two developed countries – Sweden and China – in one day. In addition, Erasmus Mundus alumni club and participants of the event had a great opportunity to gather in one place and to discuss their current professional achievements after studying abroad and it’s impact on their career paths.