The KIMEP University Catalog

The KIMEP University Catalog contains comprehensive information about the institution, including details of the programs KIMEP offers; policies, rules and regulations; the way KIMEP University is organized and governed; and the services offered.

Students at KIMEP Universityare normally governed by the regulations set out in the catalog for their year of entry.

2013-2014 Academic Year Catalog

Academic Catalog, 2013-2014

KIMEP Administrative Catalog 2012-2013

Academic Catalog. Fall 2012

KIMEP Catalog for Spring 2013

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The KIMEP University’s Fact Book

The Fact Book a one-stop source of essential information on KIMEP University. It includes data on KIMEP University’s student body, faculty, alumni, campus and financial aid system.

The Fact Book is published annually in English, Russian and Kazakh by KIMEP University’s Department of Institutional Research.

Volume 7 (2012) Volume 6 (2011)

Volume 5 (2010 Volume 4 (2009) Volume 3 (2008)

Volume 2 (2007) Volume 1 (2006)

KIMEP University
Outstanding Alumni Stories of Success: “Inspiring by Example” Booklet

“Inspiring by Example” booklet presents the compelling stories of professional achievements of KIMEP University’s prominent alumni. The graduates reflect on KIMEP University’s contribution to their career accomplishments and personal growth. They also express encouragement and share advice with current KIMEP University students.


Strategic Plan 2011-2014

Building a World-Class University

Building and Maintaining a Student Centered Culture

Research Bulletin

20 years at KIMEP: A Remarkable Contribution to the development of the Republic of Kazakhstan 1992-2012