Supporting Tomorrow’s Leaders 

KIMEP makes a significant contribution to progress in Central Asia through the daily creation and transfer of knowledge in business, law and the social sciences.  Our alumni lead the private and public sectors while our research informs political and economic decision-makers across the region.  We have a growing financial aid budget for students, a commitment to ethics education, and a unique connectivity to the business world. 

Every year our programs expand and improve, and we come closer to our mission of providing education to change society. As a private, non-profit institution with a goal to become one of the top universities in the world, KIMEP enjoys close collaboration both locally and globally with external stakeholders in the business, academic, government and non-commercial communities.  KIMEP will work with your company to develop and enhance your corporate social agenda through engagement in educational advancement.  Together, we can foster sound business practices, improve peoples’ lives and strengthen local communities.