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After-Arrival Checklist

After-Arrival Checklist

Arrive to KIMEP from the Airport:
● Meet the KIMEP driver (if your pick-up request was confirmed) or use official taxi services: Uber (IOS: https://apple.co/3xzr9OJ, Android: https://bit.ly/3AVB17B) or YandexGo (IOS: https://apple.co/2TRQZzd, Android: https://bit.ly/36uPM3o)

Visit your Coordinator on Incoming Mobility:
Arailym Kuderbayeva
Executive Director (Incoming Mobility)
Email: incoming@kimep.kz
Tel: +7 (727) 237-47-91 (ext. 1016)
Office: Office #112, Dormitory bld.
Working hours: Monday — Friday: 09.00 – 18.00, break 13.00 – 14.00
Sign the Application Form (exchange students only).

Meet the Resident Life and Housing Department Director:
● If you are vaccinated against COVID, move in the dorm (Move-in time: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., August 18-20):
1. Visit the Medical Center for move-in checkup;
2. Sign a Move-In Form;
3. Get the room keys and linen;
If you are not vaccinated against COVID, contact Residence Life and Housing Department Director about your off-campus accommodation:
Assel Tokina
Residence Hall, 1st fl, Director’s office
Tel.: +7 (727) 237-47-73
Email: atokina@kimep.kz

Contact Visa Manager during 2 days after the arrival date (holidays and weekends included):
4-A: International students from visa-regime countries have to:
● Send full name, date of entry, the address of residence, a photo of the passport with a stamp about crossing the border to the Visa Manager (WhatsApp: +7 (701) 360-02-16, email: visa@kimep.kz);
● Get the confirmation from the Visa Manager;
● Pay for the Visa Invitation Letter (~1500 – 2000 KZT) within 2 weeks after arrival;
4-B: International students from visa-free regime countries have to:
● Submit original international passport + 1 copy of the page with photo;
● Submit original migration cards (blue, white) and a certificate given at the customs control;
● Submit address of residency along with confirmation from the dormitory / an agreement with the landlord;

Pass Compulsory Check-up in Almaty clinic:
● Register online for transportation to clinics on the Student Portal: https://my.kimep.kz/Campus/transportation3.aspx, or ask Member of the BIS to accompany you;
● Obtain following documents locally: Health Certificate form #075 (~4000 KZT) and X-ray of lungs (~1500 KZT). You must have your passport and two 3×4 photos;
● Submit these documents to the KIMEP U Medical Center;
● Submit the original COVID 19 vaccination/ passport/exemption and copy of vaccination records certificate;

Attend the Compulsory Orientation Program (dates to be announced later):

Get Advice on Course Registration:
● First year bachelor students — contact the Student Learning Support Center;
● Other bachelor, master and PhD students — contact the relevant college’s Program Managers;
Student Learning Support Center
Office #101, Valikhanov bld.
Tel: +7 (727) 270-42-68, +7 (727) 270-43-10
Email: advising@kimep.kz, bulbul@kimep.kz

Get the Individual Identification Number (IIN):
IIN is needed for obtaining documents from the state agencies, opening a bank account, and making payment. It can be obtained in person (in the Public Service Centers at the place of residence) or via governmental portal (https://egov.kz/cms/ru/services/for_foreigners/pass011_mvd). You will require:
● Apostilled copy of the passport and a notarized translation (in Russian) of the passport;
● Presence of International Office’ representative with you;
The International Office will schedule a bus to go to the Public Service Center. In order to use this service, you must fill in an online registration form on the Student Portal: https://my.kimep.kz/Campus/transportation4.aspx