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Результаты школьного дебатного гранд турнира

The Law School conducted the KIMEP Grand National Debate Tournament over the weekend of 21-22 May 2022.
The event was held in the New Academic Building. There were three rounds of debate competition leading to a fourth and final round. There were two different questions debated during the first three rounds, and a third question debated during the final round.

Eighteen teams consisting of a total of 34 high school students participated in the two-day event. The final round panel of judges consisted of Dr. Timothy Barnett, Dr. Richard Linstrom, Dr. Gerald Pech, Dr. Nejat Capar, Dr. Jacob Reidhead, Mr. Daniil Litosh, and Dr. Fred Isaacs.
The student winners were as follows:

FIRST PLACE: Kirill Demekhin and Seraphim Kotorov (100% scholarships to both)
FINALISTS: Alan Beket and Dinara Zamantayeva
BEST DEBATER: (Tied) Meruert Raushanova and Dinara Zamantayeva (50% scholarships to both)

Congratulations! We are so excited to welcome you into the incoming fall semester.