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The Student Research Poster Competition (SRPC) is an event conducted as part of the Academic Reading & Writing II (ARWII) course. The first event was conducted in the Fall-2017 semester. The primary purpose of this competition is to popularize research among KIMEP University students. The event would represent the culmination and celebration of the ARWII students’ semester-long intellectual effort and would provide a platform for select group of ARWII students to showcase their primary research to a wider public. It would also allow instructors and students from across KIMEP University to witness and appreciate great number of research projects on one occasion.

Poster presentations were preferred to traditional lecture-style presentations because the poster format fosters in-depth, interactive conversations as opposed to the mere transmission of information. This educational opportunity is open to all KIMEP students who are taking the ARWII course at the time of the event. The College of Humanities and Education instructors teaching the ARWII course the same semester the event is taking place will each hold the right to recommend up to four students to participate in the competition. Approximately 24 students are expected to participate in the event this semester. The poster presentations will be judged on-site by an ad hoc committee (comprised of KIMEP faculty). The committee will pick top 6 presentations out of 24, which means that there will be a single first, two second and three third place award winners chosen from among all participants.


  • One 1st place – Smartwatch
  • Two 2nd places – Earbuds
  • Three 3rd places – E-book readers

All presenters will receive certificates of appreciation.

Poster Session Schedule

Procedure Description Friday, Dec 10, 2021
Poster Set-up The presenters hang their posters on the display boards with the help of double-sided tape or similar material. 13:30
Poster Session Authors present their work to the committee members and the guests of the event. Presentations should not exceed seven minutes. The presenters are expected to stand by their posters for the duration of the poster session. 14:00
Authors Reception The committee members announce the best three projects and award prizes and certificates. 16:40
Poster Removal The presenters remove their posters. All posters left after the removal period will be discarded. 17:00


The presenters are free to design their own posters provided that they meet the guidelines below.

  • Students are expected to present their ARWII projects
  • The research projects must be original, previously unpublished.
  • All posters should be written in English.
  • Posters must be produced as a single sheet exposition
  • The poster sizes admissible for the event are A0 and A1
  • A section at the top of the poster must contain the Title, Author details, and Affiliation.
  • Other must-have sections are the Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results & Discussion, Conclusion, and References
  • Citations and References must be formatted in APA 7th edition style.
  • Printing should be large enough to read easily from a distance of 1-1.5 meters.
  • Posters and handouts (if applicable) must be non-promotional/non-commercial and should not contain brand/proprietary product names or commercial logos/names.
  • Presenters are expected to wear formal attire.