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KIMEP University is a center of educational excellence, a leading and innovative institution in the Commonwealth of Independent States. Twenty years ago, President Nazarbayev realized the pressing need for Western style education, as a means to catalyze and sustain economic and social change. As part of this vision, KIMEP was conceived and founded. From its modest beginnings as a small institution, it has grown into a world renowned university.

KIMEP University’s mission is to form well-educated citizens, and to thereby improve the quality of life in the Central Asian region. It achieves this by imparting and diffusing knowledge of business administration, the social sciences and community service through undergraduate, graduate and professional programs.

KIMEP University has established a tradition of excellence by offering programs of the highest academic quality. In 2012, KIMEP was bestowed with the status of university, honoring its achievements both past and present. This conferment confirms the equivalency of our standards to those of higher educational institutions in the West and will allow us to widen the scope of our work at masters and doctoral levels. The correspondence of our standards to those in Europe and the United States are underlined by the accreditation of many of our programs by international educational quality assurance agencies, such as the European Association for Public Administration and the Asian Forum on Business Education.

The University prides itself on more, however, than simply providing a first class academic programs. KIMEP University distinguishes itself in its devotion to the wellbeing and personal development of its students. In stark contrast to many universities throughout the Commonwealth of Independent States, KIMEP University involves representatives from its independent student association in the decision making process. This complements the University’s broader commitment to transparency, fairness and integrity, as well as fostering a sense of empowerment and responsibility among students.

The alumna that the university produces are not only highly qualified but deeply committed to these values, and it is this that makes them such desirable hires. They are recruited by top local and international firms and organizations, and can be found in diverse professional roles around the world.

KIMEP University has played a critical role in the economic modernization of Kazakhstan. Many Kazakhstani political and business leaders rank among our alumna. KIMEP University serves as an incubator for future generations of Kazakhstani and regional leaders. As an innovative and adaptive institution, KIMEP University will continue to tailor its services to the needs of its students and to those of the Kazakhstani state and society as a whole.

Chan Young Bang, PhD

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