Executive MBA

The Executive MBA at KIMEP prepares business leaders for the challenges of today’s competitive environment. The program follows North American academic standards and is delivered by KIMEP’s world-class faculty.

  Master of Business Administration (MBA)

KIMEP’s MBA is designed to create decision-makers and future business leaders of the highest quality. Our outstanding alumni are the best evidence of the success of the MBA program. Many of our graduates go on to become top managers in the most successful businesses in Kazakhstan and internationally.

  Master in Accounting and Audit

The program covers the fundamentals of accounting, as well as advanced topics in financial management, audit and insurance, and taxation. The program will provide opportunities for ACCA exemptions and will prepare for ACCA examinations.

  Master in Finance

The program covers the fundamentals of finance, as well as advanced topics in investment, corporate finance, and financial markets. It provides students with a foundation in the principles and practice of finance, and the tools to make sound financial decisions at a managerial level, in a local and international environment. The program covers the content and prepares for CFA® examinations.

  Master in Marketing

The program covers the fundamentals of marketing, as well as advanced topics in marketing research, consumer behavior, marketing communications and brand management. It provides students with a foundation in the principles and practice of marketing, in a local and international environment. The program covers the content and prepares for CIM examinations.

  MA in Economics

KIMEP’s MA in Economics is the leading graduate program in Economics in the region. The curriculum is designed to provide fundamental reparation for careers not only in economics, but also in law, finance, business and public policy.

  Master of Public Administration (MPA)

KIMEP’s MPA provides outstanding training for leaders in various sectors of government. The multi-disciplinary program offers students a unique combination of management education, program analysis and evaluation, and public policy analysis and development.

  LLM in International Law

KIMEP’s LLM in International Law provides specialized knowledge and understanding of international law to legal and business practitioners involved in international legal transactions. The program offers a solid foundation in international legal scholarship and practice through a range of courses directly related to international law.

  Master of Arts in Foreign Language

KIMEP’s MA in TESOL prepares its students to become well-qualified, professional educators of foreign language learners. The program provides unique opportunities for students due to its international faculty, its course offerings and the research/practicum experiences it provides.

  MA in International Journalism and Mass Communications

KIMEP’s MAIMJC trains students in practical online, broadcast and print journalism skills supported by a unique and well-equipped media laboratory unmatched in this region. The program offers cutting-edge public relations and mass media courses that emphasize the practical aspects of these professions.

  Master of International Relations

KIMEP’s MIR is designed to train scholars and professionals capable of taking on leadership roles in the challenging arena of world affairs, including positions within the diplomatic corps, international organizations, multinational corporations, education, government and non-governmental organizations.

To find out how to apply for any of these programs, visit the webpages of the Admission Office.

Graduate Study at KIMEP

Why should you consider a Master’s degree  at KIMEP University?

  • Quality professors – learn from the best and most diverse faculty in the entire CIS.
  • Relevance – learn about practical ways to understand the most pressing challenges and opportunities in the field of  and develop skills to apply the knowledge you gain.
  • Opportunity – use your knowledge to gain access to fulfilling and highly paid employment, joining an influential network of KIMEP University alumni who are shaping the development of Central Asia and beyond.
  • International – take the opportunity to study abroad with our dual degree and exchange opportunities.
  • Financial support – apply for a scholarship to provide assistance in paying for your studies.

Join us.

KIMEP’s graduate programs are all taught and administered in line with the most rigorous international standards and based on the US-style credit system, giving you maximum flexibility to tailor your studies to your own specific requirements. This system also allows you to study at your own pace. For example, graduate students at KIMEP take between 36 and 63 credits, depending on the specific program, and normally study for two years. However, the credit system allows a large amount of flexibility – you are allowed up to five years to complete a graduate program should you wish to study at a slower pace. Students who have completed a bachelor program at KIMEP in a related field are eligible to transfer courses to their master program, thus further shortening the time taken to complete the program. This means that should you choose to take both an undergraduate and a graduate program at KIMEP it is possible to obtain two degrees in five years. For more information on this, please see the Admission and Information center page for fast-track students.