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Donation Payment Terms and Conditions

KIMEP University (KIMEP) is an independent, not-for-profit educational institution that was founded in 1992. KIMEP operates the website (the Website).These are the Terms and Conditions which govern each use you make of the donation payment services provided through the Website. Please read these terms carefully before using the online payment facility.

These Terms and Conditions apply separately to each single donation that you make. Except as provided for in section 6 (‘Regular Donations') and unless specified by you, they do not form a contract allowing for future or successive transactions to be set up. By confirming on the Website that you wish to make a donation you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions for that donation.

(1) The donation services

KIMEP warrants to use the allocated funds exclusively for the Rakhmet Scholarship Fund within stated charitable objectives, please read description here: the RAKHMET Scholarship Fund was established in 2010. This is a fund especially for KIMEP Alumni to support students in need, and contribute to the education of tomorrow’s leaders. The fund supports financially needy KIMEP students who demonstrate excellence academic merit. Alumni can also support KIMEP’s institutional needs through the fund.

All payments through the Website are to be made by payment card. Please note that we do not accept payment by cash.

Once you confirm to us through the Website that you wish to proceed with your donation your transaction will be processed through our payment services provider, E-PAY. By confirming that you wish to proceed with your donation you authorize E-PAY to request funds from your credit or debit card provider. E-PAY will only process your donations in KZT.

Our payment service provider charges fee from every payment. It means that KIMEP will get the amount you donated net of that fee.

(2) Unauthorized card use

If you become aware of fraudulent use of your card, or if it is lost or stolen, you must notify your card provider. The University shall not be liable for any failure by the donor making donation to properly protect data from being seen on their screen by other persons or otherwise obtained by such persons, during the online payment process or in respect of any omission to provide accurate information in the course of the online payment process.

(3) Information from you

Before KIMEP can process a donation you must provide (i) your name, address and email address; and (ii) details of the credit or debit card that you wish to use to fund the donation. This information will be used to process your donation. Itis your responsibility to ensure you have provided the correct information.

When you submit your payment details, these details will be transferred to KIMEP payment provider, E-PAY, and your payment data will be collected and processed securely by them. You should make sure that you are aware of E-PAY's terms and conditions, which are different from our own, to ensure that you are comfortable with how they will process your personal data before you make a donation.

We won't share your personal details with any other third party other than is set out in KIMEP Privacy Policy. KIMEP Privacy Policy forms part of these Donation Payment Terms and Conditions and by agreeing to these Terms and Conditions you are also agreeing to the way KIMEP use and protect your personal information in line with our Privacy Policy.

(4) Refund policy

  1. If you make an error in your donation please contact us either by email, by phone 8 (727) 2704226 or by post at Corporate development department KIMEP University Abay 2, office 402 Almaty, KZ 050010
  2. Refund request should be made within 20 working days
  3. Refunds are made according to the legislature of the Republic of Kazakhstan and international acts in the field of banking regulation.

(6) Regular donations

These Donation Payment Terms and Conditions will only apply to successive donations made through the Website where you have set up a regular donation. When you set up a regular donation you will be scheduling a series of donations to be made on the day of the month that you choose for the period of time you selected or until further notice. You agree that these Terms and Conditions will apply to each of the donations in that series.

To confirm that you wish to proceed with a regular donations please contact and the University will remind you about donation on the day of each month that you set..

To cancel your regular donations please contact us at

(7) General

We reserve the right to amend these Donation Payment Terms and Conditions at anytime.

These Donation Payment Terms and Conditions are governed by Kazakhstan legislature and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Kazakhstan courts.