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Executive MBA field trip to Kolsay and Kaiyndy lakes

Our EMBA students (Group E14), Dr Liza Rybina and invited Professor Sahil Raj recently embarked on an incredible research field trip focused on Community-Based Tourism (CBT) in Saty village near Kolsai Lakes National Park. The main objective of the CBT is to improve the living conditions of people by developing rural tourism without harming the natural environment and culture of local people. This hands-on experience allowed students to explore sustainable tourism practices and understand the profound impact of community involvement on local economies and cultures.

Throughout the trip, students engaged with local communities, gaining insights into how tourism can be developed in a way that benefits everyone involved. They studied successful CBT practices, participated in cultural exchanges, and analyzed the social, economic, and environmental benefits of this approach to tourism.

Key highlights:

🌿 In-depth discussions with local tourism providers

🏡 Visits to community-run homestays

📊 Field research on sustainable tourism practices

🤝 Collaborative teamwork and fun

Our students brought back a wealth of knowledge and innovative ideas to integrate into their studies. This experience underscores the importance of responsible tourism and the role of business leaders in promoting sustainable and inclusive growth.

Executive MBA program of KIMEP University is the first EMBA program in the Republic, next year turning 20 years since the program has opened. Over the years the curriculum and the content of the program has developed and from this year we will provide a new format of study – Field trips, so that students can gain industry and market experience, which will help them to develop their thesis research and projects.


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