Alumni | Alumni Testimonials on KIMEP education

Alumni Testimonials on KIMEP education

Yerzhan Dossymbekov

Yerzhan Dossymbekov (MBA, 1999). Mr. Dossymbekov is Managing Partner at Grant Thornton LLP.

On KIMEP education:
“In my opinion, KIMEP’s contribution to my success was invaluable. After graduation from the Physics faculty of Kazakh State University in 1996 I was not sure about my future – at that times our country encountered significant economic reforms and unfortunately nobody was interested in new physicists. I thank my friends who advised me to continue my education at KIMEP.
From the very beginning I was impressed with the totally different approach to the teaching process: the knowledge level of professors, constant checks, strict deadlines, clear requirements and fair assessment.
I also very liked KIMEP’s library and books – there were so much information about business, management, finance, marketing, communication and other things and they were from the original sources – Western authors. Definitely these were tough times in terms of studying (preparation within limited time, reading and understanding of huge amount of information, language barrier, overnight preparation to assignments and exams, etc.), but I
enjoyed it and I still miss that time. And this helped me a lot later, when I started my career in an international audit firm. Those abilities were our strengths. That firm still prefers KIMEP graduates to others.”

To current students:
“I would like to congratulate you with being at KIMEP, one of the best educational institutions on business and finance in Kazakhstan. I know how it is challenging to keep with all requirements and expectations required from you to graduate from KIMEP. But trust me – it worth the effort!
Be patient, be focused on study, be active in learning, be open and communicative… Everything will be useful for you – sooner or later. And be responsible for everything you do in your life, not only at KIMEP. Success will come to you!”


almas sansyzbayev

Alumni Interview Almas Sansyzbayev, BAT, Finance Manager, Kazakhstan and SCA ( KG, TJ, TM)

  • Why did you choose KIMEP? 

KIMEP is the best university in Kazakhstan which provides students with world class education. I don’t know actually what to add to this. This is the main argument in favor of KIMEP for the last 20 years.


  • What memories stand out from your time at KIMEP? 

There are lots of positive memories from my education at KIMEP – starting from summer intensive courses in 2005 and sleepless nights preparing to the finals and up to the graduation party in spring 2009. Every day spent at KIMEP is a great memory of my life. 


  • Do you have any memories of outstanding professors? 

I remember lots of outstanding professors – Zhazira Kadyrbayeva, Serzhan Nurgozhin, Nikolay Povetkin, Guillame Tiberghien, John Wright, Natalya Pya, Laura Pop and many others. All these people were keen on their subjects and it felt so clear that it’s their passion that made their courses so interesting and special.

But the most memorable one was Hans Rau for whom I worked as a teaching assistant during my last 2 semesters. I am very thankful to him for the things he taught me and for the advices he game me.


  • What is your current job and when did you start? Any advancement or promotion since you have started your job? 

Currently I work at British American Tobacco which I joined more than 5 years ago. I started as a Management Trainee and now hold the position of Finance Manager for Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan. In between I worked as an Area Planning and Reporting Executive and Area Senior Finance Analyst for Caucasus and Central Asia.


  • How did KIMEP education help with your job? 

KIMEP helped me in every aspect of my life ever since I started my education there. But it was very obvious for me in 2 cases: in 2007 when I won UGRAD scholarship for 1 year education in the US and in 2009 when I started looking for the job.

 During my studies in the US I did not feel any challenges in terms of trying to adapt to different educating system. KIMEP prepared me very well. And in 2009 during the economic crisis, education I got helped me get 4 job offers in the first 3 months post-graduation.   


  • Did you stay in touch with your classmates and if so, how often do you meet them?

I stay in touch with many of my classmates most of the time. With some – we are very good friends and meet frequently. With the others I meet on the professional ground and networking built at KIMEP helps a lot.


  • What would your advice be to current students? 

I wish when I was a student some of my professors told me this – do not compare yourself with the others; compare yourself today with yourself yesterday. This is crucial for any person to keep learning and developing every day. It’s not worth comparing your position with someone else’s. You have no idea what it costs them to be there where they are, but you know what it costs you to be there where you are now. So make sure you use all your resources efficiently.


  • How do you stay calm and focused? Do you do anything outside of work to help you with this? 

Keeping calm is not always the state of my mind. Sometimes I can be anxious, worried or frustrated. All humans feel that way from time to time. But it’s important to know how to recover very fast. The quicker you recover – the better.

I stay focused because I have a long term target. This target always reminds me which things are important for me, and which are not.


  • What are your ideas on happiness and success? Что Вы думаете о счастье и успехе? 

Success and happiness are very subjective things. Different people have different definitions of success and feel happiness in different ways. For me it’s the attitude that defines both. You may never win in every situation, but you may succeed in all of them.

The same with happiness – it’s your choice whether to be happy or not. 


  • Anything else you would like to share with the KIMEP community? 

I would like to say very big thank you to all my classmates, my professors and whole KIMEP society for every input you made in my life. 


Alumni Interview Askar Alimbekov

  • Why did you choose KIMEP?

I chose KIMEP because it has by far the best reputation among any university in Kazakhstan. Funny thing is, I only realised it much later, that it was actually the best thing I could do for my education and future career. After graduating a lot of my friends and myself were offered a job at one of the Big4 companies.

  • What memories stand out from your time at KIMEP?

I remember our nice campus, my student life, a great time we had with my friends hanging out in the halls or canteen. I still come there from time to time, just to remember my youth time. That of course does not mean I don’t remember the study time, lots of reading, literally tons of it and of course practicing on the tutorials.

  • Do you have any memories of outstanding professors?

I remember my first ever accounting teacher – Nurlan Orazalin, always very strict but fair, business Kazakh – Nuraisha Bekeyeva, she really loved her students, my English teachers Kaldygul Utembayeva and John (our writing teacher from England), who are responsible for the fact that I passed the IELTS test in flying colours, Nikolay Povetkin – who used to explain various concepts in economics literally using his fingers, I could go on and on, but I am afraid it will take too much space on the page. I am not sure they are still a part of KIMEP, but I can definitely say that they made me a better person and a better thinker.

  • What is your current job and when did you start? Any advancement or promotion since you have started your job?

I am currently a portfolio manager in a large supranational bank. I am restricted from disclosing or mentioning my employers name in press, but it is a well-known reputable organisation. My main background is asset management and trading. I was introduced to the world of financial markets at my first job at Halyk Pension Fund – now reorganised and merged with all other Kazakh pension funds into a state fund. They hunted me using KIMEP alumni databases. After working there for two years, I was offered a job at my current place of work. So I have to take my hat off to KIMEP employment centre.

  • How did KIMEP education help with your job?

They (Halyk pension fund) hunted me using KIMEP alumni databases. After working there for two years, I was offered a job at my current place of work. So I have to take my hat off to KIMEP employment centre.

As for the knowledge itself, I really do think and many my colleagues can back me up here, that KIMEP gives a strong fundamental knowledge of finance, economics, derivatives, etc. Not even mentioning the fact that most KIMEP graduates are almost fluent in English, which is now becoming increasingly important for any significant employer.

  • Did you stay in touch with your classmates and if so, how often do you meet them?

We do stay in touch and even went to study abroad together. It was 2008 and all of a sudden I decided to acquire a master’s degree, since it was on the verge of global economic crisis. So I am coming to England to study International business finance, and I realised that a lot of my fellow students from KIMEP are there and we even go to the same business school. It was amazing!

These days many of my classmates are very successful. Banks, auditing, private equity, government bodies – you name it. KIMEP alumni are coming to power everywhere.

  • What would your advice be to current students?

I know it might sound cliché but, do not rush it. Enjoy your time and try to absorb as much knowledge as you can. Even though you might think that it won’t be necessary to you in the future – believe me – it will.

  • What are your ideas on happiness and success?

In my opinion happiness is when you hurry on your way back home in the evening, and on your way to work in the morning.

Success is when you don’t have to worry about material needs anymore and can plan your life big.

  • Anything else you would like to share with the KIMEP community?

I would like our alumni to be a strong network of likeminded people. So that we could help each other, using our knowledge, connections, administrative power, etc. After that we should help transform KIMEP into a strong educational and scientific hub, using our sponsorship programmes, endowment, and make it a respectable university not only in the region, but globally. I think we have everything it takes for that.

‘After graduation, I worked as a civil servant and think that my Alma Mater, which made it possible for me to receive my MPA degree diploma from the hands of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, obliges me to follow this path successfully’ – Erkin Rakhimbergenov, MPA, 1998.

‘KIMEP gives the best education that one can get in Kazakhstan, the best basis for future understanding of the most important business principles and market economy… Special thanks are due to the amazing Dr. Bang for his talents, his charisma, enthusiasm, trust, professionalism, honesty and dedication!!!’ – Meruyert Bafina, MPA, 2002.

‘KIMEP is a modern, international standard business school, which gave me a brilliant education. KIMEP alumni set a high standard for all of the business community in Kazakhstan’ –Bakhtiyar Batyrbek, BSc, 2005.

‘KIMEP is the flagship of business education in Kazakhstan’ – Zhanna Zimanova, MBA, 1995.

‘After studying in the USA and the Netherlands, I can assure anybody that the education level thatKIMEP offers is at international standards. KIMEP graduates possess a pool of skills and experience that can be used anywhere in the world’ – Azat Abdibekov, BSc, 2008.

‘The KIMEP education always was, is and will be invaluable. KIMEP graduates are in demand and respected by employers. I am grateful to KIMEP for the study standards, textbooks, faculty members, unforgettable student life, and for my work! … KIMEP is your good luck and a ticket to the future’ – Aigerim Zhaparova, MBA, 1997.

‘Having a KIMEP education was the most important factor in my career choice and following success. KIMEP continues to be one of the most preferred sources when we look for new hires’ – Baurzhan Burkhanbekov, MBA, 1997.

‘KIMEP education facilitates career growth in both business and  the public sector. In my opinion, a KIMEP graduate is able to build a successful career in any sphere or industry’ – Aidar Jexembiyev, MPA, 1999.

‘For me KIMEP has always been and still remains not only the most privileged high school of the Republic, but also the place which gave me the future. The knowledge and skills acquired at KIMEP allow me to be always on top of the matters’ – Aidar Utkelov, MPA, 1998.

‘I think the mission established by KIMEP provided me with an opportunity to really get an education that has changed not only my career, but life in general’ – Elmira Bogovieva, MPA, 1996.

‘As for the impact of a KIMEP education, I would like to quote my professor of microeconomics: “Of course, the Institute will give you the basic knowledge. But, more importantly, it will teach you to aspire to self-improvement, self-education, to value your time and use it rationally, to effectively manage the stress” – Aigerim Ibrayeva, MPA, 1996.

‘KIMEP helps its students to realize their own abilities and talents, empowers them and makes them appreciate others more – one feels one can contribute in many areas. I think that having learnt to be independent and confident, KIMEP graduates appreciate and strive to further develop these qualities’ – Dilbar Gimranova, MBA, 2000.

‘I thank KIMEP for everything it taught me. KIMEP is really much more than just an institute providing high quality education; in fact it is a great school, teaching us how to survive in a strong competitive environment, to get a desirable result overcoming various challenges, and, of course, it is a society, where we meet and build relationships with various people of diverse cultures, with different ideas and talents’ – Zemfira Shamileva, BSc, 2008.

‘KIMEP gave me self-confidence in my own abilities to study, understand and apply effectively and efficiently any subject whatever complex it might be. The years flew so quickly that after 12 years have passed we still miss our time at KIMEP’ – Yevgeniy Kopaigora, MBA, 1998.