Delivering a World-Class Student Experience

Students matter. The core values of KIMEP are based on meticulous care for the well-being of our students. We aim to guide our students through a world-class learning experience.

Recruiting Qualified Students

We will recruit qualified students whose values are consistent with those of KIMEP. In the next academic year we will institute changes to the admission process which seek, through essays and interviews, to identify those students who share our aspiration to continue to modernize Kazakhstan and assist the further development of a civil society

Providing support for excellence in Kazakhstan

We will attract students who are academically qualified regardless of their financial means. Huge strides have been taken in this direction even in the face of the global financial crisis. KIMEP will provide over $2m of financial aid in 2010-2011, and external support is projected to continue at around $1.8m. However, we need to do more.

Excellence in Central Asia

The International Office has begun a recruitment campaign to attract up to 100 international students from other Central Asian republics by offering full scholarships. This will expand our reach into these countries and reinforce our position as the leading university in Central Asia.

Mentoring – A Student-Faculty Partnership

Once students join us, we need to train them effectively to become excellent graduates. Our mentoring system next year will ensure that every student has a faculty mentor who can guide them through their studies and provide counseling on their further development. This is about much more than curriculum advising. Genuine mentoring support will ensure that students produce their best in and out of the classroom. To this end, each faculty member will be allocated students to support. Faculty will be asked to provide reports each semester on the progress of their students. In turn students will be asked their views on the support provided. This will form a key part of the evaluation process of faculty performance by students in addition to teaching evaluations.

Raising Academic Standards

We cannot claim relevance if our graduates have only the bare minimum of knowledge when they graduate. We will raise the minimum GPA above current levels in some areas, particularly in core courses and majors. It is not acceptable for students to graduate with low GPAs. Raising graduation requirements is a fundamental requirement if we are to produce world-class graduates.

Building Critical Thinking

We seek to develop a questioning attitude in our students. This spirit of inquiry is the greatest gift that we can give our students. Faculty development is focusing on building these skills into the teaching process and into curricula across the degree programs.

Research-Based Teaching

Research is central to the teaching process. Research-active faculty provide a deeper classroom experience, providing up-to-date knowledge about the region in which our students live and work.

Transparent, Relevant Learning

We will continue to work to improve the knowledge base of our graduates. Assessment systems will demonstrate relevance and qualification. Currently we are open to accusations that we cannot back up our claims about the quality of our graduates. How can we claim relevance and quality without evidence? More transparent assessment systems will inform students what they will learn, when they will learn it and demonstrate that they have learned.

Relevant, Benchmarked Exit Tests

Exit tests will be developed which are tailored to each program to demonstrate that course, major and program outcomes are being met and allow us to demonstrate continuous improvement in outputs. These will be designed to allow us to compare our graduates with those of institutions in the USA which use the same curricula.

Consultation with Stakeholders

We will consult with stakeholders through advisory councils to assess their perceptions of the relevance of the skills and knowledge of our graduates. We also need to gain their input to ensure continuing relevance and continuous improvement

Research to Build the Evidence Base

Our institutional research team will carry out a range of surveys to assess external perceptions of the quality of our graduates.