Creating New Programs

KIMEP has a mission to serve the development of a civil society and market economy. To widen the range of our service, we will create new programs where there is an indentified need.

Diversifying to deliver our mission

KIMEP has a sound foundation of programs. However, we need to be continually aware of changing market needs and new opportunities.

In the School of Law

The School of Law is in the preliminary stages of developing an undergraduate law program, blending Kazakhstani legal expertise with the Western learning model KIMEP is famous for.

In the College of Social Sciences

CSS has undergone major program reviews this year to improve the relevance of programs. The forthcoming interdisciplinary Ph.D. program will add further depth to the college portfolio

In Bang College of Business

Currently in BCB, work is ongoing to introduce majors in leadership at graduate and undergraduate level, as well as an undergraduate major in tourism and hospitality.

In BCB and CCE

A cross-college initiative between CCE and BCB is exploring the potential for a hybrid distance learning model to deliver an MBA for senior managers without English skills, who KIMEP currently does not support.

And in the Language Center

The Language Center is actively considering launching an undergraduate English program in 2011.

All of these new initiatives are about finding new ways to increase the scope and depth of our means to deliver on our mission and maximize our impact by entering new markets.