Creating New Knowledge

Our faculty will develop new research to improve the classroom experience and raise the global profile of KIMEP to ensure that that our students gain from the rich knowledge of our global networks.

Focus on Applied Research

KIMEP was founded to provide applied relevant research to help shape the transition of the country to a market economy and civil society. While some progress has been made, there needs to be a clearer emphasis on what we expect our research contribution to be. To bring focus to this, a series of research centers will be created to support the development of applied research agendas. In Bang College, research centers in leadership, currency and commodities, taxation, and tourism and hospitality will be created. In the College of Social Sciences, Eurasian and European studies centers will be launched, as well as linguistics and pedagogy centers in the Language Center. An international financial law research center will also be assessed in the School of Law, which will be re-established in August 2010.

Internal Focus and External Profile

The creation of research centers will provide an internal focus and also raise our external profile, positioning KIMEP as the place of choice for any international researcher who wishes to pursue a research agenda in Central Asia. Increased emphasis will be placed on the publication of journals highlighting research across KIMEP.

Research Means Relevant Teaching

Research is also integral to the teaching process. Active research improves the classroom experience, providing up-to-date knowledge about the region in which our students live and work. Over the next year, there will be a significant increase in the amount of case study research on issues and organizations of regional relevance. These case studies will be taught in the classroom and prepared for publication to build our profile and increase the relevance of our programs.