Building Global Connections

To be world-class, KIMEP needs to raise its profile as a member of the global academic community. We will continue to bring the world to KIMEP in a variety of ways.

Global faculty

Our core faculty here in Almaty demonstrate our international credentials on a daily basis. We will continue to build on this .

Global research

The creation of research centers and increased research output will play a key part in raising our global profile.

Global Summer School

In 2010, KIMEP will have a genuinely international summer school. Twenty-two faculty have signed contracts and will join us in July for the Summer II session. They are drawn from leading universities in the USA, UK, India, Europe and Korea.  KIMEP is also advertising heavily with our partner universities to bring international students to KIMEP. The campus will be bustling in July with visitors from around the world. KIMEP will cement friendships with many faculty, students and universities during this session, which we will build on in the years to come. At the same time, we will give our own students a unique experience which they will never forget.

When KIMEP achieves this strategy, we will be delivering a world-class student experience with a world-class faculty, who are actively creating new knowledge. KIMEP will have developed a range of new programs and will have global connections embedded throughout our operations. When we achieve this, we will have delivered on the mission set by President Nazarbayev. To deliver this, all members of the KIMEP community must collaborate. Working together, we will make it happen.