Building a World-Class Faculty

The faculty are the heart of the Institute. In the next three years, we will develop a stable faculty combining the best in the world with the best of Kazakhstan to deliver a relevant, thoughtful educational experience to our students.

A Student-Centered Faculty

To train excellent students, we need more excellent faculty. In August 2010, 28 new faculty and academic administrators will join us. To ensure that they can maximize their contribution, they need to be fully oriented. A full orientation program will be put in place to guarantee that our new colleagues fully understand our core values and mission and are prepared from day one to deliver a student-centered education.

An Optimum Faculty

A target has been set for a minimum net gain of 15 terminal degree holders a year for the next three years in order to achieve an optimum number of faculty to deliver on our mission. This will mean that by 2013, KIMEP will be able to boast of over 100 terminal degree holders managing and delivering our programs. This will account for over 80% of faculty in the CSS and BCB and will be a remarkable achievement given the operating environment.

Stable Faculty with World-Class Compensation

While new faculty are important, a stable faculty is fundamental. We need to retain our best faculty. The key to retention is a combination of a globally competitive compensation and an attractive working environment, which we will do everything in our power to deliver. Despite the external challenges of the global crisis and devaluation, KIMEP faculty salaries have greatly increased in recent years. Combined with the favorable tax regime in Kazakhstan, our salaries are definitely internationally competitive. However, this is not enough.  We need to pay significantly more than the best US and European institutions to attract the best faculty to Kazakhstan. Over the next three years, KIMEP will continue this process and increase average salaries by a minimum of 15% per year. This will mean average increases of over 50%.  Our average salaries will be among the highest in the world.

Rewarding Committed Faculty

Fair evaluation of the performance of our faculty is fundamental to ensuring that those who contribute are adequately rewarded. An evaluation system which does not reward high performers is contrary to my vision of a world-class university. In effect, such a system rewards underperformance and demoralizes those who do contribute significantly. Clear performance differentiation is essential. Those who perform will be well rewarded with substantial merit-based salary increases. Those who do not contribute will be asked to leave.  Underperformers will not be allowed to remain.

Building our Kazakhstani Faculty

A fundamental part of our mission is to contribute to the modernization of the higher education system by developing Kazakhstani faculty to work at KIMEP and by providing an attractive working environment for those Kazakhstani citizens returning from doctoral studies overseas. Kazakhstani terminal faculty serve as role models for our students.  They can also contribute more to the development of faculty stability than our international faculty can, as their ties lie outside Kazakhstan. KIMEP currently has sixteen faculty on study leave in Europe, the UK and USA. When they rejoin us, they will boost the number of Kazakhstani terminal faculty. We will continue to support this process.

Growing our own Faculty

Our pioneering DBA program has yielded its first graduate this year. Over the next three years, twelve to fifteen more will complete the program. The College of Social Sciences is finalizing the development of an inter-disciplinary doctoral program in social sciences, which will produce up to twenty terminal degree holders in the next three to five years. Taken together, this adds up to a major institutional commitment to developing our Kazakhstani faculty. It also makes my target of a minimum of 30% of our terminal faculty being Kazakhstani nationals eminently realizable.