World Class Education

Education Based on World-Class Values
Delivering a World-Class Student Experience
Building a World-Class Faculty
World-Class Education Based on World-Class Values. What is a World-Class University? Since the day we first began working in Almaty, KIMEP has always aspired to become ‘world-class’ in every aspect of our operations.  […] Students matter. The core values of KIMEP are based on meticulous care for the well-being of our students. We aim to guide our students through a world-class learning experience. Recruiting Qualified Students We will recruit qualified students whose values are consistent with those of KIMEP. […] The faculty are the heart of the Institute. In the next three years, we will develop a stable faculty combining the best in the world with the best of Kazakhstan to deliver a relevant, thoughtful educational experience to our students.  […]


Creating New Knowledge
Creating New Programs
Building Global Connections
Our faculty will develop new research to improve the classroom experience and raise the global profile of KIMEP to ensure that that our students gain from the rich […] KIMEP has a mission to serve the development of a civil society and market economy. To widen the range of our service, we will create new programs where there is an indentified need. […] To be world-class, KIMEP needs to raise its profile as a member of the global academic community. We will continue to bring the world to KIMEP in a variety of ways. Global faculty Our core faculty here in Almaty[…]