Sports Center

Students at KIMEP University benefit from a fully-equipped sports center located on campus, including a gym, an indoor basketball court and a floodlit all-weather outdoor football pitch.

KIMEP University teams compete in local, regional, and international competitions in various sports, and can also play in several internal leagues. KIMEP University is unique in being home to Kazakhstan’s only university American football team, the Titans.

Regularly weekly activities include volleyball, indoor football, basketball, table tennis and aerobics. The Director of the Sports Center regularly schedules competitions between students and faculty.



I. Working hours of the Center:

Doors of KIMEP Sport Center are open for you.

We are waiting for you on:  Monday to Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 09.00 p.m.

Saturday: 9.00 a.m. to 08.00 p.m.

Lunch time from 02.00 p.m. to 03.00 p.m.

Sunday – day off.

1.1. The Center reserves the right to change it working hours during the season due to some technical or other needs, or any circumstances beyond the will of the Center’s administration.

1.2. You shall finish your exercises 20 minutes prior to closing time and leave the center according to the work schedule of the Center.

1.3 Visitors are not allowed in 40 minutes prior to closing time.

II. Visits to the Center

2.1. When you visit the Sports Center, you shall be registered by administrator (coordinator) and leave your ID for the period of classes.

2.2.   Visit of a classes in accordance with arranged schedule: а) 3 times per week b) no more than 90 minutes

2.3    A person being late to the training for more than 20 minutes is not allowed to attend the class;

2.4.Maintain all premises in the Center clean. Walking in the center in street footwear is prohibited. Administrator (coordinator) or instructor has the right to not allow visitors in with street footwear on or without sports footwear.

2.5.Before exercises, you shall change your clothes to clean and tidy sports wear and footwear and observe common and personal hygiene rules.

2.6.Commit no nuisance, put litter (chewing gum) into garbage bins. Keep walls clean, do not spit on the floor; blow your nose on a handkerchief.

2.7.After exercises, put back equipment used to places, designated for it.

2.8.Visitors of the Sports Center are materially liable for sports equipment and facilities loss or damage.

2.9.Before exercises, be medically examined. To prevent injuries, it is recommended to do exercises based on your capabilities.

2.10.  The Center is not responsible for non-compliance with safety rules and recommendations which followed medical examination, including any consequences for visitors of such non-compliance.

2.11.  You may use services only of the Sports Center instructors.

2.12.  The zone designated for exercises may be limited during Sports Center events.

2.13.  Turn off water and light in shower rooms.

III. Center Access Denial or Limitation:

3.1 Visiting the Center in a state of alcoholic or drug intoxication, or bring in strong or low alcoholic drinks:

3.2 Please do not have any food in the Sports Center;

3.3 Smoking in the Sports Center;

3.4 Bring in and/or keep any weapons, flammables, toxic agents, or explosives to the Sports Center.

3.5 Conduct any commercial activities, including promotional campaigns, distribution of products without approval of the Center’s administration.

3.6 Video and photo shooting in the Sports Center without special approval of the Center’s administration;

3.7 Unauthorized use of air-conditioners, musical and other equipment without approval of the Center’s administration.

3.8 Individual trainings by the club members is not allowed.

3.9 Bring in pets;

3.10. Bring in means of transport such as bicycles, carriages, motor bicycles, etc., or large items.

3.11.   To trainees, wrangling with administration of the Sport Complex and violation of established rules the following measures will be taken:

* Warning;

* Disciplinary Committee Disciplinary Committee has the right to apply appropriate sanctions to violators such as fine, access denial for the period established by Disciplinary Committee or the Administration of the Sport Center.

IV. Safety regulations during the classes of physical training and sport, Sanitary Regulations and Standards for athletic facilities.

4. 1 а) In accordance with article 3 on Safety regulations during the classes of physical training and sport, sporting events and mass sports events approved by the Order of Ministry of Tourism and Sport of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated on September 08,  2011  №02-02-18/175 systematic occupations by physical training and sport under the leadership of the trainer (instructor) are conducted only after carrying out medical examinations and the admission to classes, sports competitions and mass sports events.

4.2 In accordance with “Sanitary and epidemiological requirements to objects of breeding and education of children and teenagers”

Article 183. In general education organizations, MAC, educational centers the daily damp cleaning of rooms is carried out with the use of detergents:

sport halls – 2 times per day with airing;

Lavatories in the buildings – after each break.

Article 184. If there are two shifts of occupations at objects it is provided a break of at least 45 minutes between shifts for cleaning and through airing of rooms.

V. Information on rules

5.1 Visitors shall comply with rules for gym, aerobics, cardio-fitness room, great hall and other premises in the Sports Center; these rules are available with coordinator, on information board, and student portal of JSC KIMEP University and in such premises.

5.2 These rules are mandatory for all visitors of the center and violation of these rules provides the Center’s administration the right to demand stop violating the rules or leave the premises.

5.3 These rules are designed to create safe, effective and comfortable environment in the center.

5.4 If necessary, for your convenience new items of the Rules can be added. For further details about KIMEP sports facilities, please learn the information board in the Sports Center.

5.5. Administration is not liable for lost belongings or documents left unattended, including things left in changing rooms in the Sports Center.

Thank you for following the Rules! We will be happy to see you on fitness classes!

Best regards,

Erik Orazaliev,

Director Sports Center