Civil Defense and Emergency

Civil Defense is a public management system and a set of public events held during peace and war times to protect population, objects of economy and country’s territory from invading (destructive) factors of modern means of destruction, emergency situations of natural and industrial nature.

Main task of Civil Defense is to protect population (protection of life and health of population), territories and objects of economy.

Main forces of Civil Defense are: military units of Civil Defense, geographical and object units, Civil Service and emergency units; operation rescue units – state, regional, city and district organizations aimed for search and rescue works in hard-to-reach areas and high complexity objects.

Civil Defense management bodies – central and local executive bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan, organizations managing and ensuring Civil Defense events during peace and war times.

By Order No. 52 of the President of “KIMEP University” JSC dated April 16, 2012 the following Civil Defense and Emergency units have been established to protect employees and students from emergency consequences:

  • Office of Civil Defense and Emergency;
  • Committee for prevention and liquidation of emergencies;
  • Evacuation Committee.

Office of Civil Defense and Emergency – main organizing and coordinating unit for Civil Defense and Protection of employees and students. Office includes Head of Civil Defense and Emergency and specialist of Civil Defense and Emergency.

In its daily operations Office follows laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, enactments of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, orders and instructions of the Ministry of Emergencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan regarding organization of Civil Defense, protection of population and territories from emergencies, training of Civil Defense units and unit forces, instruction of employees and students on Civil Defense and protection from emergencies of natural and industrial nature.

Talgat Tursynbekovich Akhmahanov

Head of the Office of Civil Defense and Emergency

Telephone: +7(727) 237-47-67