Tuition and Fees

Tuition fees for undergraduate programs

Tuition at KIMEP is paid based on the number of courses a student registers for in any given semester. Students can opt to take between one and six courses per semester, depending on their personal preference and study plan.

Tuition can be paid in three installments for the Fall and Spring semesters, allowing students to make payment on an almost monthly basis. Tuition for Summer semesters and non-degree studies must be paid in advance before the start of the semester. For more information about payment deadlines, please see the Academic Calendar.

KIMEP awards various types of financial aid in the form of grants, tuition discounts and work-study discounts.

More information about Financial Aid.

All fees are quoted in Kazakhstan Tenge (KZT).

Please check Tuition and Fees for 2012-2013 here.

Please check Tuition and Fees for 2013-2014 here.

For more information, please contact Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

We have set up an email account where parents can write to get clarification about their child’s tuition and fee bill.