Marketing, Communications and Public Relations

The Department of Marketing, Communications and Public Relations (MCPR) coordinates all activities related to communicating with KIMEP stakeholders, the media, and the greater public.   MCPR seeks to develop sustainable relationships with both on-campus and off-campus constituents by relaying information through multiple communication channels and by building active partnerships.

MCPR is in charge of developing and implementing the KIMEP brand identity and assists other departments with their marketing and media needs.   All advertisement design and placement is managed within the department, as well as the development of the array of brochures, flyers and booklets used at KIMEP.

MCPR is KIMEP’s in-house publicity office as well.  MCPR manages the content and design of the KIMEP website, produces all KIMEP news articles and manages the distribution of public relations materials through the KIMEP digital newsletter and printed flyers.

For more information, including publicity inquiries, please contact us.

Marketing, Communications and Public Relations
2 Abay Avenue, Office 201
Almaty 050010, Kazakhstan
tel:   +7 (727) 270 42 16   , ext. 2022